Disadvantages Of The Wrong Bra Size

In the following article, examples will be given in order to help you figure out whether or not you have the right bra size by depicting the disadvantages of the wrong size bra.

Muffin Top

If you have a cup size that it too small, you will need to squeeze your breasts in your bra, this will create a bulge at the top of your bra. If you notice this, everyone else probably notices it too. You will need to increase the size of your bra in order to solve this problem.

"Hiked" Up

Your bra is said to be "hiked" up when if pulls up on your back. In order to have the right fitting bra, your band should lay flat along your back just below your shoulder blades. Sometimes, this problem can be fixed simply by making the straps bigger, but other times, it will necessitate a new bra with a bigger band.

Marks on the Skin

If you have a bra that does not fit properly, or the straps are not adjusted, you could discover some redness or marks on your body where your bra is too tight. There could be some pain and discomfort experienced with these including itching and burning sensations. These may also lead to permanent scars; therefore you should fix this by adjusting the straps or buying a new bra in the correct size.

Wire Poking

You should not feel the under wire that is in your bra poke in your skin. If this occurs, it is a result of the bra being too old and worn or not having the right size. If the wire is coming out of the bra, you may be able to take out both wires and continue wearing it.

Sagging Bra

If your breasts are sagging when you wear a bra, you have absolutely no support from it. Whether you are an A cup or a DDD, your breasts should always be sitting upright. If you choose to wear a bra that sags, you may as well wear nothing at all. Try once again to fix it by adjusting the size of the straps, however if this does not help, you may want to get re-sized and find the right size for you.

Empty Cup

There should be absolutely no space between your cup and your breasts. If it is loose, you need to get a bra with a smaller cup size.

Bra Wallet

Do you put random objects in your bra? If so, you should not be able to fit anything, meaning that if you can, you do not have the right size. Also, doing this may decrease the life of the bra by damaging it. Although putting a couple dollar bills in there is not a problem, you should not be putting things like cigarettes or a lighter.

All that being said, these can all be caused by weight gain or loss; therefore a general rule of thumb is that if you lose or gain weight, you should get re-sized and find the right size bra for your new body. That being said, it is also a good idea to get sized yearly as you may not notice any weight gain or weight loss and there may be some, and as we age are breasts tend to sag more. Make sure to have a look in the mirror for all these things, as you will not be the only one noticing if these are happening, others will notice also.