How to Buy Lingerie For the First Time

At our store we see girls who are buying lingerie for the first time and while it might look to the casual observer to be easy for a girl to buy lingerie, the truth is quite the opposite. We often assume that just because a girl is female that she naturally knows how to shop for clothing and especially lingerie. What could be farther from the truth? Buying lingerie, particularly sexy lingerie is not something most mothers teach their daughters. Mothers often go with their daughters to buy their first bra, but that may be the last time many girls have any guidance in buying lingerie, particularly sexy lingerie.

When should a girl buy lingerie? First let’s define our terms. Bras, panties, hosiery are all technically lingerie as they are undergarments and girls as young as 15 or 16 can and do purchase these items by themselves or without much if any adult supervision. The age varies among families and how independent the young woman is and wants to be. Keep in mind though that surveys reveal that well over 80% of women are wearing ill fitting bras and this remarkable figure started somewhere. Mothers are free to assist their daughters as much as they want, but keep in mind that young girls have everything to say about how much assistance they need from their mothers. Purchasing bras and panties for every day wear is often done in department stores and due to the very nature of unmentionables proper guidance may be lacking. On the other hand how much assistance does a young man need to buy underwear? He likely buys a four pack of tightly whites and goes on with his business if his mother doesn’t pick up a couple dozen at the local Costco.

When it comes to buying bras the matter is a while lot more complicated as a young girl may/will mature and along with that maturity or weight gain comes a larger bra size and a need for additional fittings. Most young women are not going to get one fitting much less two or more so often they are left to their own devices like taking a couple of bras into the dressing room and fending for themselves. Buying proper bras in terms of size is so important as it relates to comfort, posture and how a girl looks in clothing that it can’t really be over emphasized but most stores do not have employees that can properly size a woman’s bra anyway. Look in the local newspapers and you will note that from time to time department stores offer “bra fitting specialists” who are visiting their stores. This suggests that the full time staff is not trained in proper bra fitting. Such is the nature of the lingerie business as a whole. Women are conditioned to try on clothing to determine correct sizing but in the case of bras it is not quite that easy.

Price: As in most garments the greater the cost often the greater the quality of the garment. Most would agree that certain brands are more expensive, better made and sizing may be more accurate. It is always important to buy quality if you can afford to buy the best then this may solve some problems in buying lingerie for the first time. The difference in cost can and should result in more attention to detail, finer materials and the garment lasting longer. Don’t fall prey to the idea though that you have to pay more to get the best quality. Also don’t fail to shop at sales and clearance times for the best value for your money.

Service: Even though you may pay more it is always best to shop in a full service store or boutique particularly when buying lingerie for the first time. The cost of goods and the amount of service you receive usually go hand in hand. Buying lingerie or anything else for the first time should result in more questions about fit, material and what to look for in a quality garment. Sales people in a high end store often, not always can assist you with any questions you may have. Even if you don’t buy anything you may learn about what you are buying and what to look for? You can pay too much for lingerie considering the use it will get. If you are paying $250.00 for a pair of panties consider how durable the panties are, how often they will be worn and perhaps 5 pair of panties at $50.00 is a better value. On the other hand a robe that will keep you warm be useful for 2-5 years and worn every day is perhaps a worthwhile investment.

Purpose: Lingerie may be something sexy to wear under your work outfit or something to wear on your wedding night or honeymoon. The work lingerie needs to be more durable, functional and comfortable than the outfit that will be worn for a precious few minutes or an hour once a month or less. Consider the purpose as you would a pair of shoes for work or running. Purpose is important and when combined with price you can make informed decisions. Often a pair of panties and a sexy lace bra can be worn to work as well as being a sexy outfit for a romantic evening. Don’t think outside the box; throw the box away when it comes to lingerie. Many of these articles of clothing can and should serve dual purposes.

Where to shop: Consider that time is money and there are lingerie stores and then there are lingerie stores? What do I mean? Department stores offer little in the way of sexy lingerie but a lot in the area of foundations, a term used to refer to bras, shapers and panties. Consider what you are looking to buy? If you are looking for a sexy little number to warm up his heart rate then the lingerie boutique may be your best bet. No harm in shopping everywhere but if time is short then plan where you are most likely to strike pay dirt.

When to shop: When first shopping for lingerie it is best to determine what is available. If you live in Manhattan then just get on the bus or subway and shop. Many other areas don’t have this unlimited shopping access and your shopping may require you to shop on the internet or at a mall. Shopping on the internet offer the anonymous experience you may desire but the inability to try anything on so be forewarned. First time shoppers really needs the ability to try things on first before buying.

Since you are buying lingerie for the first time be sure to consider taking someone along for the fun of it. Be it a boyfriend, husband, girlfriend or your mother. Shopping is always more fun when you have someone to share the experience. They can be invaluable when it comes to advice but listen to your instincts as you are the one who has to wear it, so enjoy the experience.

Choosing the Right Lingerie For the First Date

The first date is the most important date plain and simple. It is your one and only chance to make that lasting first impression and the one outfit that he will remember many years down the road. Appearance plays a huge role in first impression. Most women will go through their closet once, if not twice in search for the perfect outfit that screams out to them from beyond the mirror, “I’m the one, wear me! I’m perfect”. Women spend a lot of time deciding on the clothes that will be worn but double that goes into the thought process of lingerie. It’s actually such a conflicting decision you can almost stress yourself out over it.

Lingerie for a first date can be very tricky. You do not want to look like you dressed for the occasion and that you planned for him to get a peek at your perfectly matching undergarments, however you want to make sure that you are well prepared if he actually does. Men want women to look sexy without knowing that they tried too hard. A lot of women will naturally gravitate toward black lingerie because it’s the safe, sexy choice. This can work or not work for you. Some men will automatically just love it and not think twice about it but others think of as black lingerie and sex pops right into their brain. If they see you have chosen to wear black lingerie on a first date they may get the impression that you definitely planned for this moment to happen.

Matching lingerie is essential. Although you don’t want to look like you put a lot of thought into it, you also don’t want to look like a train wreck. Most men actually prefer lingerie that is simple and feminine. Articles of color, pattern and that cute little bow is a great turn on. What lingerie you choose for a first date may also depend on the date. If he is taking you skiing or possibly to a BBQ or somewhere very casual than you probably want to opt for very simple, yet pretty lingerie or else you will definitely look like you tried too hard. Men love boy shorts so for casual dates why not try a cute pair of cotton boy shorts with a matching bra. You could wear a matching set with stripes, polka dots, butterflies and fun vibrant colors to show your flirty side.

For more of a traditional date like dinner or a show then you may need to glam it up a bit. Chances are that cotton probably is not acceptable in this situation. A bit of lace or satin would be nice. Tones of silver, burgundy and navy blue add elegance. You want to look like you are a sexy woman under those clothes but that it’s not an easy task to get the privilege to see.

Whatever you wear, you need to feel comfortable. Wearing it around the house first for a bit helps, sitting and standing is recommended. You don’t want a pair of panties that moves on you every time you move nor do you want a bra that you are falling out of when you bend over. Try out your lingerie for movement and makes sure that it works for you. If you feel sexy underneath your clothes it will shine through. There is nothing sexier than a woman with self-confidence and knowing what’s underneath your clothes might give you that extra boost to make the perfect first impression.

Bustier History

A bustier is a type of lingerie that is form-fitting and resembles a basque. It is tight, single-piece and sleeveless, that comes with cups and a flexible boning to give the wearer a more flattering silhouette. Bustiers are worn by women who would want to make their breasts appear fuller. Bustiers push up the bust by tightening around the upper midriff, pushing the breasts up and at the same time giving the waist a slimmer shape. Bustiers are best worn with low-backed dresses as substitute for push-up bra. Nowadays, they can even be worn as a camisole for outerwear, or a half-slip under top garments if midriff exposure is not intended.

The term bustier is based on the French word buste, which of course means bust. It was originally called a long line brassiere in 1950s because it is essentially a bra that extends down to the stomach area. Bustiers are said to have developed out of corset, just like basques. It is for this reason that a lot would confuse basques to be bustiers. The fashion designers during this time focused on designing long line bras that feature exaggerated smooth and bullet shaped breasts, which was achieved by stitching conically the bra cups.

Bustiers are actually shorter compared to basques. This is the primary difference between the two although they two look almost exactly the same. Both the origins of bustiers and basques can be traced to the trends that surfaced during the 1980s and 1990s.

There are so many types of bustiers available in the market today that cater to different kinds of occasion and would look good in different types of outer garment or clothes. If you are to wear a backless dress, the best type to wear is a strapless bustier. For bedroom wear, see-through bustiers are extremely popular.

Modern fashion designers also found a way to introduce bustiers in outer garments such as dresses. Here, bustiers are attached or incorporated as tops of dresses or even just an upper outerwear piece. Apparently, what used to be underwear can now be worn outside the bedroom as a fashionable outerwear too!

Modern bustiers are crafted with mesh panels as opposed to traditional boning. To connect each end, hooks and eyes, cords and ribbons are used, similar to common corsets. Almost all bustiers available in the market right now are strapless, which makes them a perfect undergarment when you are wearing low cut or even backless dresses or upper outerwear.

Sexy Lingerie – How Brave Are You? Tips on How to Release Your Inner Sex Goddess!

When looking in catalogues, websites and shops for lingerie to make your partners eyes pop out, do you suddenly feel your self-esteem plummet? How can you choose lingerie that makes you feel good when you comparing yourself to the perfect hour-glass model showing it off?

Well do not worry; you are not alone in this! Many women all over the world feel the same. The fact is, even if we went under the knife we would still have body hang ups! The trick is to know what style of lingerie will make you feel confident and sexy, no matter what shape or size you are. Every woman deserves to feel amazing and sexy!

So the question is what lingerie covers your body hang ups and still makes your feel and look sexy. There are plenty of brands out there promoting underwear that will make you bum look smaller and suck you in. However, can anyone really say that they feel good wearing a pair of control knickers and feeling like they have stepped out of a scene from Bridget Jones?

Not a fan of your stomach or hips?

The stomach and hips are most probably the biggest enemies for most women. Do you have a muffin top or just feel like you are too big, or not toned enough? Well, do not fear, as there is lingerie available out there that will cover your muffin top, but still make you feel like a goddess. A good baby doll set can be your saviour – all you need is a baby doll, which accentuates the breasts and ends at your hips. With the loose flowing material your stomach and love handles will be covered, yet you will still look good enough to eat!

Struggling to find lingerie for small cups?

How do you look sexy in lingerie when you’re an A-cup? This can be a tricky one as a lot of sexy lingerie out there is designed for women with bigger breasts. The best trick is to avoid baby dolls and chemises that have a built-in cup. Instead, look for the styles where it is just fabric. Try to avoid size ranges of small – medium etc., as these will normally be too large on the cup.

Buy lingerie that draws away attention from the breasts, for example teddies with patterns on the stomach. We have all heard Gok Wan telling women to wear clothes that draw attention away from the parts we do not like and that accentuate the parts we do, you can do this with lingerie as well.

Not a fan of your thighs?

Thunder thighs are not your enemy- be proud of your curves! If you do not like you thighs on show, try a chemise that ends half way down your thighs, and with fabric that is loose from the hips down. Remember, chemises come in all sort of designs so you can still show off what you have, while hiding your thighs.

Dreaming of an hourglass figure?

If you feel like you have a non-existing waist, try a corset. There are many types out there you can get ones that stop just below your hips so your muffin top is still covered. They can include or exclude the breasts and, most importantly, all corsets will suck in your waist to give you the curves you’re looking for.

The History of Garter Belts

Garter belts are sexy lingerie that women have been wearing for many years and they have not changed much over the years. They say that necessity is the mother of invention and garter belts were certainly necessary when it came to holding up a woman's stockings.

Garter belts are actually an answer to the girdle and women's need to hold up their stockings, but preferring not to wear a confining and restrictive girdle. Then as now women preferred, due to the fashions of the day and simply a desire to look better, that they did not have what we now call muffin tops or those unsuccessful rolls of body fat showing up. When did fashion start believing to have an hour glass figure? Sure women have and continue to be slaves to fashion despite perhaps much less than in the past. It is hard to believe that women would return to the day where waist cinches were the custom, because they were quite painful and even dangerous as the habit of fainting could be as a result of wearing a corset, girdle, or waist cincher so tight that the woman was unable to breathe.

So began the garter belt as women wanted an alternative to getting into a cumbersome, hot, and restrictive girdle. The garter belt served the function of holding up ones stockings without all the additional confinement. Garter belts looked much the same back then as they did and do now. They still need the garter straps, which are the fabric that hangs down from the garter belt itself, as well as a method of attaching the stockings to the straps.

Generally, this was a two piece apparatus that grabbed the stocking and was usually a metal eye with another piece that fit snugly in the eye with the stocked held between these two pieces with tension. The garter belt worked like a charm at a time where stockings were worn often and even owning stockings was something of a status symbol as they were relatively expensive for the time.

The garter belt was originally made of the fabric that was available at the time, such as satin, and to suggest that it was sexy, which meant you had to have an understanding of the fashion and moral code of the time. This iconic lingerie item was purely functional as it evolved from a very functional and utilitarian garment. The truth is that sexy at the time was the sight of any item a woman under under her clothes as these foundation garments were meant to be worn and never seen.

Mini skirts were not in the imagination of even the most avant garter designer and no one would have even dared dream of crotchless panties or breast implants way back then. It was a much more simpler time, a more repressive era where women's clothing, particularly lingerie, was something young boys and men did not see on a routine basis as they do on television, billboards, and catalogs. All went well for the garter belt as it was an innovation and even an improvement being comfortable, lightweight, and it functioned as intended.

Sexy Lingerie Styles – A Comparison of Sensual Vs Functional Lingerie Fashion

How does one identify sexy lingerie from, say, common everyday lingerie? While many women find strength, confidence and a sense of identity by wearing sexy lingerie all the time, for the most part sexy intimates are reserved for special occasions where more revealing lingerie styles are desired. In another article, I provide a better understanding of sexy lingerie and how sensitive intimates are different. The purpose of this article is to discuss and show specific styles of sexy lingerie.

Bras – Sexy Bra Styles vs. Purely Functional Everyday Women's Brassiere

Women's bra sales represent over 50% of all lingerie and intimate apparel sales. First and foremost the brassiere was designed as a functional garment to support the bust. Many innovations for more comfortable and improved support have been introduced over the years, for example, underwire (and non-underwire) support and textile advances such as spandex and microfiber. In general, a functional everyday bra is comfortable and provides support with no frills, such as a full cup and full coverage bra.

Sexy bras on the other hand may provide support; However, function is not necessarily the first consideration when designing sexier bras. The shelf bra, for example, provides little support, however, is among the best selling of sexy bra styles. The push-up bra is another type of more sensitive bra style because it lifts the breasts, creating the appearance of greater fullness and cleavage.

While shelf and open tip bras are at the far side of the more sexy range, a plethora of less risqué, yet suddenless, sensual bra styles exist such as the plunge bra, cut much lower in the front to reveal more cleavage; The backless bra to reveal more of the back; And, the strapless bra to show more of the shoulders. In essence, sexy bras reveal more of the woman's bust, back and shoulders, whether with their design and cut or the fabrics of which they made, such as sheer and see through materials.

Sexy Panties, Thongs and G-Strings vs. Women's Panties and Briefs

The term 'granny panties' refer to old, greyed non-attractive underwear your mother's mother would have worn. You know, the large, more than full coverage panty made of cotton in shades of beige and bare. Granny Panties serve the purpose of function only, which is to provide a lining between the body and clothing to prevent chafing of the body's more sensitive areas as well as minimize the soiling of clothes.

Sexy panties, on the other hand, provide similar benefits, however, are designed with greater flair, including bright colors, lace, sheer fabrics and other means of sensual adornment. While the panty and brief provide full back coverage for the more modest woman, thongs, French tangas and g-strings reveal more of the woman's buttocks, hips and front. Sales of sexier thong styles have far out-paced panty and brief sales over the past decade as younger generations feel more comfortable and confident in the minimal fabric and coverage provided by thongs and low rise thongs, such as those made by Hanky ​​Panky, touted as "The world's most comfortable thong".

Sexy Sleepwear vs. Traditional Sleepwear

The variety of sleepwear available to women is massive. In addition to traditional long cotton sleep shirts and gowns, women often choose the less alluring, however, comfortable men's t-shirt and boxers or shorts. Sexy sleepwear differs from other forms of evening wear in that it reveals more of the woman's body.

Sexier sleeping attire is designed with shorter hemlines, plunging necklines as well as slit sides and backless designs. Sheer, see through and fabrics that hug and cling provide greater allure by showing more of a woman's curves and features. Shorter and more revealing styles of negligees include the baby doll and chemise.

Bodystockings, Body Suits and Teddies

Many men and women find hosiery body suits and stockings to be extremely sexy, covering the woman from head to toe with sensual clinging fabric, often sheer or translucent to reveal all the beauty a woman has to offer. Sexier body stockings are made of sheer and fishnet fabrics as well as have an open crotch, thong back and / or open bust.

Teddies are a form of body suit that are both leg and sleeveless, covering just the torso. While some teddies do have sleeves for style and appeal, the majority of teddies do not. Like body stockings, teddies typically are designed with a thong back to reveal more of the buttocks and come in snap-closure and crotchless styles.

While there are many forms of sexy lingerie, the primary differentiator between sexier intimates and common every day lingerie styles is the amount of body that is exposed, whatever means may be used, including sheet and see through fabrics, stretch materials that hug and cling, And skimpier designs that are lower cut (or, for that matter, higher cut below the waist) and use less fabric.

Comparison of the Top 3 Brands of Women’s Body Shapers

Quick Overview of Ann Michell, Vedette and Spanx

In my last article, I went over the different types of women’s body shapers; the shaper, the slimmer and the enhancer. Now I would like to do a quick comparison of the top three brands of body shaping products for women – Ann Michell, Spanx and the Vedette.

Ann Michell: Ann Michell is a Colombian line of women’s body shaper products. The line includes waist cincher vests, long leg body shapes, mid-thigh suits and body brief styles. What I like most about Ann Michell is the varying degrees of firmness available. The units range from a “normal” firm compression to a super compression. Ann Michell shapers have a very soft lining, making them more comfortable to wear. All the body shapes in this line tend to be cut very small. Despite what the measuring chart tells you, you will want to get at least once size larger. The Diany style 1040 shapes, reduces size and lifts the butt. The Alejandra style 1046 is like an instant lipo procedure with its super compression effect.

Vedette: The Vedette shapers are made from a Brazilian rubber that is breathable. This line features one of the largest ranges of products amongst all the body shaper brands. Their line includes corsets, briefs, boy shorts, full body shapers and butt enhancing panties. The designers of Vedette products are masterful at slimming the waistline. Their but enhancing products come in two styles, padded panties and briefs as well as but cut out shape wear. The butt cut out style is designed to lift the buttocks without covering it with fabric, thereby giving it the appearance of looking fuller and shapelier.

Spanx: The Spanx brand fall under the category of “hosiery shape wear”. Ann Michell and Vedette are made from rubbery materials whereas Spanx (as well as Flexees, Dr Rey and Slimpressions) are made from a lycra spandex type material. Spanx is one of the most widely recognizable brand names in women’s shape wear and their brand has expanded immensely over the years. Their product line now includes shapers, slips, tights, body suits and camisoles. As I mentioned earlier, Spanx is a style of hosiery shape wear. While the material is thicker and heavier than normal pantyhose – the lycra spandex is lighter than the rubber material of Ann Michell and Vedette. This style of shaper is good for it’s smoothing effect. It does not have the “oomph” of firm compression shapers, but it will make you look and feel sleek.

Now the type of body shaper best suited for you will depend on your individual needs. For more details, comparisons and reviews – visit my site today.

How to Clean Fabric and Care for Your Latex Waist Trainer or Body Shaping Cincher

There are so many different styles, fabric types, and construction for different functions; it’s hard to know how to properly take care of your garment.

Most manufacturers will include cleaning instructions, however, if you own more than one it can be confusing. In addition, it is important to clean your trainer or cincher frequently to avoid odor, skin irritations due to bacteria caused by perspiration.

However, if you follow these general rules, you can never go wrong.

1. Washing – Always hand wash your trainer or cincher in cold water. Never put it in the washing machine or automatic dryer. Use a washing detergent formulated for delicate fabrics and don’t allow your trainer or cincher to soak for long periods of time. Never use bleach and never rub or scrub clean with a sponge for it will damage the garments. A quick hand-wash is all that is necessary and rinse thoroughly. When finished, gently squeeze excess water, do not wring or twist. Use a towel to damp away the excess water especially if it is a latex trainer. Never wash you latex trainer with any other garment. The color can bleed into other fabrics.

2. Drying – After washing, let your trainer or cincher air dry as flat as possible. One good way to dry it is to use a drying rack. Never allow your trainer or cincher to dry in the sun. Depending on the type of waist trainer or cincher, it may take 2-4 hours, some longer to completely dry. It is important to allow the garment to completely dry because wearing a slightly wet garment will stretch-out the shape when you wear it. This can be true for both fabric and latex trainers. Allow to dry away from white clothing as to not cause color bleeding of your garment. For latex trainers and cinchers, because latex is a type of rubber, it can discolor if not dried properly. Another important tip for latex trainers is to never allow drying near leather for it can damage the latex. You can hand-wash your cincher every night so that it is dry in the morning, or purchase a few so you have a clean fresh one daily.

3. Storage – Both fabric and latex trainers can discolor if not stored properly. The best way to store your trainer or cincher is to make sure it’s completely dried. Store separately from other garments so that colors will not bleed and ruin your garments. For latex trainers and cinchers, do not store near leather clothing for it ruin the material.

4. Following these few simple instructions will ensure your fabric or latex and fabric waist trainer or cincher will do the job of properly training your waist for the beautiful hourglass shape you desire and the benefit of them lasting for years to come.

DO NOT wear with clothes or sit on chairs or car seats or anything that could absorb the color – or that you do not want the color to bleed onto. Many colored waist trainers and corsets are delicate and the color can spread onto other fabrics. When you wash, please do not put other fabrics or clothing items in with it. This will keep your Waist Trainer Bright beautiful for a long time!

What to Wear to a Lingerie Party

A huge trend among teenagers and young adults right now is themed parties. There is an endless list of different themes people apply to their parties, ranging from neon, 80's, and jungle apparel themed parties to "anything but clothes" and lingerie parties.

Lingerie is a particularly popular theme because for guys, it's easy (boxers or a robe are the most common attire) and for women, they can dress as sexy as they want. Usually, lingerie parties take place at a house party, but sometimes clubs or bars have "lingerie nights" where women are encouraged to wear sexy lingerie and can win prizes.

Women have many options when it comes to dressing up for lingerie parties. Whether you dress conservatively or liberally, cute and sexy outfits can be made from a variety of different types of lingerie.

-For women who do not want to show off their legs, jeans or nice pants are completely acceptable for lingerie parties when paired with a sexy top. A corset, bustier, baby doll, or even a bra can all be worn with a simple pair of jeans and heels to create a sexy look.

-Likewise, stockings and spandex shorts that cover the back can be worn with a flirty lingerie top. This leaves your legs silhouetted instead of exposed.

-Chemises (short, lingerie dresses that double as sleeping gowns) are another option if you want to cover up your stomach. They can be tight or loose, sheer, lace, embroidered, or solid, and can be knee length or shorter. Chemises can also be worn with pantyhose, stockings, or bare.

-Camisole tops and baby doll tops are all conservative alternatives to a regular bra top, and often can be found in a variety of lacey, skimpy styles. They also provide chest support (while generally chemises do not) and can create ample cleavage depending on the type.

-Bra top sets are the most popular options for lingerie parties because most women already own a pair of matching panties and bra. Generally, women opt for booty shorts, hipsters, or boyshort style panties as opposed to thongs or g-strings. You can match the top and bottoms, or have contrasting (such as black and white) pieces. Bra top sets can be paired with stockings, pantyhose, heels, fishnets, and other accessories to create a sexy lingerie outfit.

-Dance wear, like the kind exotic dancers wear for the stage, are also becoming popular at lingerie parties. Dance wear usually consist of ultra mini skirts, midriff baring halter or tube tops, rompers, or bikini style lycra outfits. Dance wear is usually solid with more patterns and color as opposed to lingerie. Dance wear can also be paired with leggings, leg warmers, knee high socks, and a variety of different shoes. Sexy, ultra short dresses are also popular, and usually feature cut out sides or backs and low V neck fronts, giving them a more lingerie feel.

An outfit for a lingerie party can be accepted quickly for a last minute invitation, or can be bought online or in a store. Places like Victoria's Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood are nation wide retail shops that sell lingerie. Online sites like offer fast, next day shipping on their lingerie if you have a few days before the event.

Although most anything goes at lingerie parties, the idea is to dress up, rather than just wear your underwear. Bustiers and stockings are more what lingerie parties are about, rather than plain bras and panties you wear normally. Remember that whatever you're wearing, you will not have a good time if you are not comfortable in it. Pick something that fits you approbably, and covers up what you want to be covered.

Feminine Girdles For Men – An Introduction to Open Bottom Girdles

It may come as a surprise to hear that some men actually wear feminine girdles. Or then again, maybe this news does not come as a surprise once you consider cross dressers and drag queens who wear these undergarments. However, there is a great number of men who prefer to wear female girdles who either cross dress or compete in drag queen contests. They simply find that girdles manufactured for women offer firmer stomach control, greater back support, and are more effective in streamlining their physical appearance than the few male girdles on the market. If you are interested in feminine girdles for men, it pays to get familiar with brand names that are associated with top quality.

Open Bottom or Panty Girdles?

Compared to male girdles, women's girdles are much more accessible to the average consumer. Simply walk into most major department stores and you will find an incredible variety of female girdles. There are two major types: Open bottom (OPG) and panty girdles (PG). Open bottom girdles typically come with belt attached. Most men will have no use for the garter belts, so either look for a brand with detachable garter belts or simply remove them from your undergarment. Panty girdles come in various styles from the brief to long leg. Many men who wear feminine girdles share a preference for the open bottom girdles. These undergarments are much more bathroom-friendly, which translates into increased ease for everyday wear.

Rago Open Bottom Girdles

Rago of New York has been in the business of constructing quality girdles for over 50 years. You will find that these undergarments use quality materials, have excellent worksmanship, as well as great fit. What this translates to is a long lasting undergarment. Open bottom girdles can range in price from about $ 20 to upwards of $ 50. If you are interested in everyday wear, then you absolutely need a quality garment that will hold up after laundry.

Rago undergarments come in a variety of sizes – all the way up to what is considered traditional women's plus size wear. Sizing can be tricky when converting from men's to women's sizes. Men's girdles typically correspond with your pants size. Women's girdles fit according to waist and hip measurements. You will want to break out a tape measure and check sizing charts to get the best fit. Lucky for you, sizing charts are readily accessible online through most major retailers. Always make sure to consult the size charts before you purchase your girdle.