Advantages of Wearing Sexy Lingerie

Many women are too shy to put on sexy lingerie. In fact, there are many advantages of wearing sexy underwear. If you can have a try, you will find that things can be changed a lot. For example, if you and your man have married for quite a long time and both of you feel life is boring, you can turn on your man by wearing sexy dresses. Just use a sexy dress, you can make things become better.

Men are visual animals and they have acute tastes on the appearances. Almost no man can refuse to see his wife or girlfriend wearing sexy underwear to show the beautiful body figures. For quite a long time, the sexy lingerie has fulfilled the fantasies of both men and women. Of course, only those special designed sexy underwear, such as see-through bras, panties, thongs, etc. has such functions.

Some people tend to choose special costumes to attract their lovers’ attention. As a result, many adult lingerie kinds such as the sexy nurse outfit, sexy French maid suit and even the cop costumes are becoming popular.

Wearing hot lingerie can change the boring life between you and your lover without any doubts. Another benefit of wearing such lingerie is that you can add your confidence by wearing sexy costumes. if you choose to put on sexy underwear, of course you would become a little different. Your partner would appreciate your change and his encouragement can help you feel more confident and happier.

Then, wearing sexy lingerie can help to show your attractiveness. Perhaps you are not as young and attractive as ten years ago, but putting on sexy costumes can make you become more attractive. What is more, putting on sexy dresses can make you find the innate feelings and help you to make sure what you desire most.

Of course, wearing sexy costumes can help you live a special kind of sexy life. You can have a very different sexy experience, which must be fine. Of course, you should choose your sexy lingerie carefully. You should choose the one suit you best so that it can make you become more attractive. But if you choose a wrong one, you had better prepare for the possible embarrassment.

How To Use A Bandeau Bra

What is a bandeau bra?
If you do not know, a bandeau bra is a type of bra consisting of a band of stretch material worn around a woman's chest. It is much like a tube top, since it often does not have hooks on the back for closing it. Instead, you simply pull it over your head and leave it up to the elastic material to hold the bra up. Many of these bras come with straps to put on though, if you need more support. It is also common for a strapless bandeau bra to have extra support features, such as molded cups and underwiring.

What can I use it for?

  • Wear a colorful or vivid patterned model underneath a sheer blouse or top, for a sexy – but not indecent look.
  • Wear a seamless bandeau bra for comfort, underneath a shirt at work, or at home – for maximum comfort.
  • Wear a lace bandeau bra underneath a black shirt, with a couple of the top buttons undone.
  • Wear a bikini top type on the beach and get a tan where you normally have tan-lines from wearing tops and dresses with shoulder straps.
  • Wear it under a strapless dress!

But I have large breasts!
You can still enjoy the benefits of this sort of bra – although you may need to wear it with straps or get an underwired model – or both. One of the advantages of choosing a non-underwired model is the comfort it gives you. I would choose a model without underwiring – and simply use it with shoulder straps instead. Think of it as the bra you wear to relax.

What are good brands to look for?
Some of the brands that have bandeau bras in their lines are Maidenform, Fashion Form and Braza. These all have models in discrete colors such as black and white – good for when you want the bra to be less obvious. A really nice one is Fashion Form's Long Tube Bra, as it covers more of the upper part of the torso. A great choice for when you want it to be visible, but not excessively flirty. Braza's Wild Card model comes in a larger range of colors, so if you are after something a bit more extrovert, chances are Braza has it.

I feel that every woman should try on a bandeau bra sometimes – it has a special feel and look to it that you may have missed without even knowing it.

Broken or Missing Underwires – Can the Bra Be Saved?

That moment of truth hits hard and fast, and is totally undeniable when that underwire snaps. If if it merely creeps out; Making unexpected appearances … or starts to "bite" half-way through the workday; Well, we can somehow put off the inevitable for sooner longer … Discovering one morning, that one cup is completely lifeless and has no wire at all; That's another "instant reckoning" moment.

When the underwire in your bra breaks
It is ALWAYS very frustrating, inconvenient … and aggravating when an underwire breaks. When the bra is an expensive one; It can escalate into a major problem for the wearer. A good bra costs upwards of $ 150. The only real comparison I can think of, that really measures up to a trauma of a busted under wire; Is a tire blow-out. It has to be fixed / replaced, it's going to be expensive, and it has to be NOW!

One of my clients was driving to work, in heavy traffic, when she felt the snap. After a frustrating morning at work; She phoned me and made the trip across the city during her lunch hour to drop her bra for repair and hurriedly purchase a new one. It's an expensive and aggravating problem.

Why the underwires snap
When under-wires break; It's almost always a re-occurring problem for the wearer; And usually not a flaw in the bra's construction. When this tenders to happen on the same side of the bra each time; It's because of asymmetry of the body. Yes; Most of us us have one breast slightly fuller than the other. This explains also, why your bra may always pull slightly to one side, buckle in the front center, or need one shoulder strap to be a bit tighter. The larger the cups; The more stress this imbalance of weight and volume puts on the bra's wire. Sometimes something has to "give"

When the underwire in your bra works its way out
When the underwire works its way out of the casing; It can lead to some interesting moments. If you're lucky; You'll notice it before you put it on.

I professor I knew was actually giving a lecture when she felt "something strange" going on. She was embarrassed to look down and discover that the wire of her bra had snaked out of it's casing and was forming a silvery metal crescent across her upper chest. Life is tough enough without moments like that!

Why underwires "work their way out"
When the wire becomes lost; That is, when you pull your laundry out of the washer or dryer and find that your bra is now irregularly shaped and somewhat flaccid on one side; It could be because of your laundering techniques.

Underwire bras should NEVER be placed in the washer or dryer. That lost wire is likely sitting stuck under the agitator, and will soon manifest it's malevolence by wrecking havoc on your washer. That's double damage! The agitating motion of the washer causes the wires to "rock" their way out of your bra. Underwire loss is only one of the nasty things that your bra can succumb to in the washer. Stretched and tangled straps, hooks twisted and ripped out, and shredded lace, are some of the others.
You'll be doing yourself; And your pocketbook a big favor by hand-washing your bras.

When your wires "bow out"
For fuller busted ladies, the weight and pressure of the breast on the wires may cause the wire's shape to bow out. The cups slowly became shallow and wider, compromising the integrity of the bra over time. Replacing the wires can give you that 'brand new "fit back, and, compared to the expense of a new bra; can be a very cost-effective solution.

In conclusion: Consistent good laundry and care of your new bra is mandatory to maintain its good fit and integrity. Reputable and high-end lingerie retailers will always repeat the mantra "hand-wash, hang-to-dry – no washers or dryers please" and they'll add "do not fold the cups into each other" (for molded cups) . I would suggest you make the effort to heed your bra-specialist's (you know, the place where you spent all that money) recommendations for laundry and care Sometimes underwire failure is impossible to predict or prevent .; But a good bra lasts a long time; And replacing that errant underwire is a very viable possibility, if the rest of the bra is in good condition.

Tattoos Showing Through Tights – Is it a Problem Or a Fashion Statement?

With so many people getting tattoos these days, one of the major problem is how to conceive them, particularly in a professional setting. While many may try to cover them up by wearing tights, this does not always work. Is the tattoo showing through a problem or a fashion statement? There are arguments for both!

Many people want to get tattoos so they can show them off. But, this is not always appropriate. While you may love your tattoos and be accredited for them in a social setting, in a conservative workplace they may not be so welcome. They can look very unprofessional and will not bring you the type of respect that you'll need if you want to get on with your career. In this instance, tattoos showing through tights would most certainly be a problem.

The way to avoid this would be to wear opaque tights rather than thin pantyhose, the thicker the better. If you need to make a good impression, you should not let even the slightest hint be showing. As long as the tattoo does not show through, you can get on with your day safe in the knowledge that you look professional, but all the time knowing that you've got a cheeky side just waiting to be revealed.

However, in places where the look does not have to be so professional or in social settings, tattoos showing through tights can certainly be a fashion statement. People who admire tattoos will unduly shoot you a few admiring glances, and if there's no reason to hide them you can get them out with pride.

Indeed, the look is becoming so popular that there are even tights available to buy with tattoo designs printed on them! The trend was started by British model Lily Cole in one of her adverts, and has snowballed ever since. A large number of tights manufacturers are printing ever-more intricate designs onto their sheer hosiery to give people ready-made tattoos without the pain of the real thing, with a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from. Some people are even choosing to create their own DIY versions, so they can have the exact design that they're looking for.

The question of whether tattoos showing through tights are a problem or a fashion statement largely coming down to the setting that you're in. If you're in a professional workplace it's most definitely a problem, as you're highly unlikely to be taken seriously and it can look extremely unprofessional. However, in a more relaxed atmosphere it can certainly be a fashion statement. But, if you're happy to show your tattoos off and the situation allows it, why cover them up at all?

Women’s Nightwear Through the Ages

Women’s nightwear over the years has evolved alongside changes in the society including the role women play in society. In the 1950’s women started to wear pajamas because trousers had also become part of their wardrobe. However, it was not until the 1960s that pajamas were outselling traditional cotton and flannel nightgowns. In this day and age however, women can wear practically anything they want – from their boyfriend’s oversized polo shirt to old t-shirts. Nevertheless, every woman must have a few items of sexy silk lingerie that they can use for romantic evenings.

Some of the nightwear that woman now have in their closet include:


The first negligees were introduced in France during the 1700s but they were not yet the sexy see-through garments of today, but instead long and heavy rather like all other women’s gowns. They also served a practical purpose of keeping the body warm in drafty sleeping quarters during the winter season. Negligees have changed with the times and by the 1920s, they began to mirror the short satin evening dresses that were popular during those times. These shorter and lighter women’s nightwear pieces were definitely sexy but were not purposely designed as such. It was not until after the World War II that negligees were designed as sexy lingerie piece.


Pajamas originated as oriental evening wear for men and became very popular amongst Western missionaries. In the 18th century, the British missionaries adopted the styles as sleepwear for boys and men alike. And during the 20th century, pajamas replaced nightshirts as the normal sleepwear style for UK’s male population.

It was not until much later though that pajamas became popular women’s nightwear [] in Western society. Today, different styles and colours of pajamas are available for both men and women.


Chemises can be traced to the tunic-like garments worn in ancient cultures and are known as the first women’s nightwear in the early middle ages. Chemises in medieval Europe had a dual function- they were used both as a sleeping gowns and underwear for women. The long garment protected clothing from sweat and body oils and was the only clothing item that a woman could wash on a regular basis during the Middle Ages.


Nightgowns evolved from the chemise at the beginning of the 20th century. They were commonly made from lightweight cottons for summer and heavier flannels for the winter season. The lines between the chemise and the nightgown became rather blurred. Nightshirts are generally simple, thigh-length plain shirts. Dorm shirts are a newer version of nightshirts that usually feature a cartoon character or slogan. Nightgowns on the other hand are longer and heavier and are usually made of flannel or cotton.

Bodystocking Review

This autumn (fall) or winter, why not try a bodystocking if you haven’t already done so? As summer comes to an end and the days shorten, it is time to start thinking about wearing clothes to keep warmer in the ensuing months. In my case, short, lightweight skirts are replaced by longer, heavier skirts in materials such as twill cotton and denim, and my flimsy short-sleeved tops are replaced by blouses and long sleeved tops. However, this is the time of the year where bodystockings can come into their own. Sure, enough girls also wear them during the summer because they are an erotic piece of lingerie and can be fun to wear, but come winter, their snug fit not only keeps you warm, but enables you to have more choice on what tops, dresses and skirts to wear. There are many erotic styles of bodystocking, but there are also a large number of practical styles that are inexpensive and do a perfect job of covering the body in the same way as a pair of tights covers the legs.

If you’ve never worn a bodystocking before, you are probably unaware of the variety that is available. When visiting mainstream lingerie sites, bodystockings rarely feature on the home page, and, are often entirely missing from sites. When they do appear on sub-level pages on lingerie sites, there is usually only a small selection available. This is mainly because they are deemed a luxury item when it comes to lingerie, as tights, stockings, bras, pants and the like, form the main revenue streams for lingerie stores. However, look hard enough and you will find some attractive selections of bodystocking. So what types of bodystocking should you be looking for, and what is generally available?

Without doubt, sheer and opaque bodystockings are the most popular. Lingerie sites that provide a small bodystocking offering will invariably display bodystockings of these two types. Sheer is a semi-transparent material that is usually a very thin knit and so is of a fairly low denier. On the other hand, opaque is usually of a higher denier and, by definition, is impenetrable by light. Out of the two, opaque will generally keep you warmer, whereas sheer, being finer, is more sensitive to the clothes worn over it. Both of these types of bodystocking are predominantly sold in black and beige or nude, although black is a very popular colour for opaque bodystockings. Another difference is that there tends to be more variety of sheer styles than there are for opaque, which tends to be plain and practical. They do come in many other colours, with white and red probably being the next most popular after nude (beige) and black.

However, the choice in styles does not stop at sheer and opaque. Another popular style is fishnet. Fishnet is a material with an open, diamond shaped knit, and is seen frequently in tights and stockings. There are also variations on fishnet. These variations tend to be based on the size of the diamonds. Fencenet, for example, contains much larger diamonds than fishnet. There is also a style called ‘industrial net’ which is very similar to fishnet, but usually has slightly larger diamonds, although not as large as fencenet. Crochet bodystockings are another style similar to fishnet in that they contain holes, but the patterns are more intricate than the simple diamond shape used for fishnet.

Of a more interesting design, are spiderweb bodystockings. These come in many variations, all based on spiderweb patterns. There are some very attractive spiderweb bodystockings available if you’re prepared to search them out.

Another popular style of bodystocking that does not feature on mainstream lingerie sites as much as sheer and opaque bodystockings is lace. Lace bodystockings come in many more variations than any other style. Floral lace, butterfly lace, ruffle tops, bows, swirl lace and Spanish lace are just a few examples of what can be found in lace bodystockings. That said, these types of bodystocking are probably more suited to evening wear than casual daytime wear.

There are also a number of different fitting alternatives for all the aforementioned bodystocking styles. The most prevalent, is simply, strapped. However, there are other fittings available. Among these are open neck, halterneck, shoulderless, and turtleneck, the latter being a popular, and aften sought for style.

The one other variation that people should be aware of is lycra. Lycra is actually a company trademark, but is now so well known, people associate it with materials containing elasticity. The majority of bodystockings are 100% nylon. However, a small percentage of bodystockings contain elastane. This is sometimes described as spandex which is the US variant of elastane. Bodystockings containing elastane (often referred to as lycra) are more stretchy and giving than ones that are 100% nylon. This can be quite important to people when looking for bodystockings.

So, there is much more variety in bodystocking styles and fittings than many people imagine. Although it’s probably fair to class bodystockings in the ‘Adult Erotic’ category, they also are a very practical item of lingerie to wear.

Vintage Shapewear – Fifties Fashion Needs a Fifties Silhouette

Fifties and sixties shapewear is in the news again, partly as a result of the TV series Mad Men. Actresses don the original sixties pull-on girdles to realize those shapely figures women enjoyed flaunting all through the fifties until the call came for them to 'burn their bras' and became liberated! Now those fashions are back with a vengeance.

Some people collect vintage shapewear purely for the pleasure of owning a collection of vintage fashion history, others buy to wear and others still buy as an investment. Unlike the modern retro copies there are a variety of pitfalls to negotiate if you are entering the field of vintage girdles and corsetry for the first time. The first question that I am often asked is why someone should buy fifties lingerie when there is already such a wide choice of modern lingerie available. The detailing and hand finishing on exquisite fifties satin bullet bras and the art deco inspired stitching on fifties long line girdles has to be seen to be believed. It would be impossible for modern shapewear, which is mass-produced to come close to this level of workmanship, without costing a small fortune.

The following tips should give you the background you need when starting your own vintage lingerie collection.

Sizing: size specification has altered significantly over the years – you should be aware that a modern size 12 will be significantly larger than a size 12 from the fifties, and also sizing is varies in different countries – a US size 12 could be a UK size 16!

Materials: It was rubber thatave vintage shapewear its stretch characteristics. The modern counterparts are Lycra and elastane. Sadly vintage lingerie containing latex is particularly sensitive to deterioration over time, even more so if the garments have not been stored in temperature-controlled conditions. If you stretch a girdle and it stays stretched then it will not be wearable and certainly will not be a collectible item either! From the forties onward some manufacturers used a form of foam rubber as padding in their corsets and corselets (effectively a longline bra and girdle joined into one garment). Often such vintage shapewear will not have to stand the test of time – the foam rubber often becomes rock hard and inflexible or, worse, crumbles to a gritty powder.

All reputable vintage lingerie online stores will check and describe the condition of the fabric, but you do need to be especially careful if you use an online auction site to source your shapewear. Garter clips from this era used a metal frame with a rubber garter tab. So often a beautiful fifties girdle is rendered less desirable by the rubber tab hardening – the first time one tries to open the garter clip the tab cracks and crumbles. Of course if you are very handy with a needle and thread it is possible to replace the garter tabs; The resulting garment will still be a delight to wear but less attractive to the purist collector, for whatever original condition and construction is very important.

Condition: The nearer the condition of the garment to 'factory fresh' the more collectable it will be – naturally this is more difficult to attain with items from the twenties and thirties than from the sixties. There is currently little demand for lingerie after the sixties, because at that point pantyhose all but killed the stockings, garters and girdles. Collectors look for garments that are clean, show no signs of wear and tear, no perishing of fabrics, rust or storage marks. Frankly collecting for investment tend to be risky because subjective deterioration can be ungoing without expert care – it is better to collect to enjoy wearing, with the bonus that if you treat the items with care you are likely to recoup your outlay if and when you do Decide to dispose of them. Age: It is obvious that an older item in great condition is likely to be more valuable than a more recent example. Check the label – older labels will have the hand washing instructions – if you see the machine washing icons then you are looking at modern shapewear! One clue to age is the older garments will have rubber, cotton, rayon used … more modern garments will have Lycra. Bear in mind that if the labels have been removed from the garment then it is illegally to be of much interest to a collector. Another clue to age is that items from the forties often had the 'utility label', looking like a pair of 'pac men'. The holy grail for collectors, is to get find 'new old stock', often sold with the acronym 'NOS' – not only will the labels be intact but the original cardboard sales tag will be on the garment, and maybe even the original packaging .

Being able to shop online has boosted the popularity of vintage shapewear, but as with any other collectible item, it is always a case of 'buyer beware' – the more detailed the item description, covering sizing, labeling and condition, and the more detailed The photographs, the more confidence you can have in buying. If you are buying on an auction site, check how long has the seller been a member of the site. Check the member's feedback. With all sellers whether auction or an online boutique, check the returns policy.

Women’s Underwear – How to Choose Your Secret Weapon

For many of us, women’s underwear is the secret ingredient to feeling sexy. Whether it’s a new pair of panties that make us feel flirty underneath, or the right pair of shapers, the women’s underwear business is in strong demand. Finding the right type of panty for each occasion can be more fun than you thought. Understanding the different styles available and how they work can help you get the right look for your outfits.

Sometimes, when picking the right panties, it may be true that less is more. When wearing low rise pants, sheer fabrics, or fitted clothing, avoid picking women’s underwear that would traditionally show panty lines. There are several options, so find the one that is right for you. Some of the choices include:


This style has been around for years, with both sensual appeal and practical purpose. Thong women’s underwear are available in a variety of fabrics and color choices, giving multiple options when needing to conceal underclothing. Thongs are perfect for those light colored linen pants, the close fitting evening gown, or the new style low rise pants. These womenâEUR(TM)s underwear will not show any lines at all, since the only real panty line will be around the hips.


Seamless women’s underwear have become incredibly popular to wear under tighter fashions. These underwear are designed on a circular loom, which eliminates the side seams. This gives not only an incredibly comfortable fit, but also a clean, smooth look when you are wearing form fitted clothes. These women’s underwear come in a wide range of fabrics for the feel you want, and still have the cotton crotch. If your preference is for thongs, bikinis, briefs or boy shorts, you can find any of these styles in a seamless version.


With those who suffer from a flat butt, there is a magic trick that will enhance your booty. Padded panties are available in both briefs and boy shorts, and have padding to enhance the rear-end. For those who have longed for an answer to the slant from their back to the legs, a simple (and invisible) trick is a new option, being made more popular as women discover these women’s underwear.


No matter how thin, women always want to find a way to conceal that inevitable bulge. By investing in a pair or two of good shaping underwear such as Spanx, you can smooth those rolls from below the breast to the knees. Unlike the old fashioned girdles, these underwear are more breathable and functional. Some women are so thrilled with the results they would never consider leaving the house without them.


Designers have kept up with the demand for plus size women’s underwear, and being a large woman doesn’t mean that you have to give up the sassy or functional look you want. Shop for panties that match your size, because wearing well fitting panties is always more flattering than trying to squeeze into a pair that is too small.

Whatever style panties you want, by investing in several pairs of quality womens underwear you will always have the right pair for the occasion. Buy a variety of styles so that you will always have what you need, without having to go out and shop before a special event. Your underwear drawer can be the place that makes you feel beautiful or frustrated – pick beautiful.

Stop the Boob Bounce!

Do your boobs bounce? Then you are definitely wearing the wrong bra. 80% of women wear the wrong size bra. You must make sure that you get yourself fitted correctly. Go in and get fitted. Then, try a few different sizes close to what you were measured at. Some women have smaller backs; Therefore, they try one cup size up and one band size down. For instance, if you are measured at a 38D and you have a small back, try the 36E also. If you have a large back, you want to try a band size larger and a cup size smaller. For example, if you measured at a 38D, you may want to try a 40C too.

If your bobs still bounce a lot with the correct bra size. You may want a different style bra. You may want a full coverage bra. They have extra material support to fully encompass the girls. You definitely do not want to go with a shelf or demi cup bra if you are worried about the bounce.

To get the best support, go with a sports bra. There are some women that wear sports bras every day. They are designed to handle motion. They are not concerned with fashion like most bras. They have special features to keep the girls in place. Some sports bras compress and others fully encapsulate each breast. The main purpose is to stop bouncing and supporting the ligaments, tendons, and breast tissue in your boobs. Sports bras are specifically designed to handle any type of activities.

If you do not want to wear a sports bra all the time, you need to still protect your chest. The best bras for support besides the sports bras are the molded under wire full figure bras with strong bands, wide straps, and side slings. At the very least for all your bras, you should have a good quality band. The majority of your support comes from the band. Make sure that the band fits properly with room for an index finger snugly and no riding up the back. It should not be snug enough to have back fat hanging out.

As a woman, you do not want to have a lot of bounce. You can damage your breast tissues and you will sag earlier than your time. You need to protect the girls. Get fitted. Try a few different bras. Bounce around in the dressing room to make sure the girls stay in place. Buy sports bras. If you want variety, at least make sure that your bras have a good solid band that fits. Style is good but breast health is great for a lifetime. Make sure to limit your bounce. You will be uplifted for many years to come.

Peignoir Sets – Dirty Or Demure? How to Use the Power of the Peignoir in the Boudoir and the Bedroom

Not sure what a peignoir set is? Literally the word means a robe that you wear when combing your hair, so any type of robe or dressing gown is actually a peignoir, it does not have to be transparent. A peignoir set is one where the nightgown and the robe match in some way, they are usually the same color and made of the same materials.

Peignoir sets are usually associated with romance and are the number one choice for brides preparing for their honeymoon. Typically white and often made from chiffon or silk and trimmed with some form of lace, bridal peignoir sets can be very demure, but with the right accessories you can use the power of the peignoir, especially the transparent peignoir, for a rather different effect.

To turn your bedroom into a boudoir, remember that catching a glimpse of something is always more tantalising than seeing the whole thing. Anticipation is key. The more you wear, the more there is to unwrap. Wear your peignoir set as a whole when you want to look demure, wear the peignoir itself over your other lingerie when you want to tease, wear the peignoir and the nightgown over something daring and you'll have an ensemble to remember. And each time he see's you wearing it, he'll wonder which variation you'd decided to go for tonight.

If you have a pink peignoir set, why not wear the robe over a brief black teddy, or a boudoir bra and pants, with a pink trimmed garter belt and long black stockings. Pink and black make a wonderful combination – naughty but feminine all at the same time.

If you have a white peignoir set you can get a very interesting effect from wearing it over flesh colored undies – you'll look as though you're naked underneath, but there will still be a layer to unwrap. Done well, it's enough to drive anyone to distraction.

But there are other ways to use the power of peignoir. Many women have a connection in their minds between luxury and sex so a luxury peignoir set is ideal for setting your mood, even if it may be far too demure for his liking.

There's nothing quite like a long sweeping nightgown in fine linen and lace to put you in a fantasy mood – so from time to time forget cheap nylon and feed your fantasies; go for something luxurious, a simple chemise with a soft lace trim that can be worn off the shoulder has a wonderful romantic period feel to it, and who knows what you may be wearing underneath?