Corsets Conclusion

There are many reasons why people wear corsets, reasons both intimate and everyday. From one basic pattern stem seemingly limitless interpretations of design and style to accommodate every type of figure and occasion. The corset has adapted to many different social conditions over time, and whilst today it could be said to be no longer a necessity, it still enjoys popularity amongst its many fans. The evolving meaning of corset use has given it its spectrum of faces; whether fashionable or passé, it has been constantly influential. Its place in fashion history is guaranteed , in that when it was worn other clothing had to be designed at least with compatibility in mind. Here is its most obvious influence – the past’s most extreme fashions were dictated to by it.

It is a headache for designers and customers alike when today’s fashions become saggy and tired. There is therefore an industry of real corset-makers (as opposed to let’s-pretend imitations) designing for this market. Firmly-established firms such as Madame Voller’s have reintroduced their products. Today, it is also possible to be self-taught; the requisite skills are derived from basic sewing, and the specialised techniques can be found online and in many thorough books. Also, there are several reputable supply companies. This easy availability suggests a permanent interest.

These days, we are free of the myths that bugged corsetry throughout its decline. It is apparent that those who choose to wear corsets will not put up with pain or enforced servitude; responsible medical advice allows us to tight-lace with safety. Without ridiculous misinterpretations, the climate for corsetry is favourable.

Acceptance of alternative sexual tastes also allows exploration of one of the corset’s most widely perceived applications. In turn this makes the corset-as-outerwear an extremely desirable garment, sure to invite attention. These factors allow more people to enjoy corsets, both for everyday and leisure wear.

At this moment in time, the corset is welcomingly ubiquitous. Many pale imitations of it are found on the high street; more seasoned clubbers may chose something from Shhh!. Devotees who prefer to lace in secret might try Agent Provocateur. Huggins of corset-based garments have appeared in other high-street chains; some call them ‘basques’, or simply ‘bodices’, but their roots are undeniable with their use of shaped panels and laces. The real item is thankfully still around – today’s are crafted from genuine patterns adapted for today’s modern shapes, and traditional methods are used to ensure proper accuracy along with comfortable innovations like spiral steel boning.

Obviously, corsets have returned, In disguise maybe, but with undeniable success. Testimony indeed to how universal a garment the corset is; even when not quite itself, it still maintains its functions. People have welcomed home a thing of beauty and value which, thanks to its versatility, is unlikely to truly disappear again.

Lingerie Choices at Age 40 and Over

Age does play a significant role when buying lingerie, even though women are remaining healthier and younger these days – for a longer time period. A woman, today, who is forty years of age and older may look like a thirty year old. This was different back in the 1970s where women used to 'dress their age,' in frumpy underwear and clothing.

Comfortable Lingerie
However, women are now taking care of themselves by eating right and exercising regularly. Because of this, most of these women do continue to have a youthful appearance. When you buy lingerie, you should ensure that you get the one that is right for you – not necessarily age appropriate, but one that fits comfortably and makes you feel like the woman you are – confident, chic and sophisticated. No one else will know when you are out and about – that you have underwear that feels good, but as long as you know, then that is the key.

Your Body Type
You do not have to be fashionable to dress in lingerie that you like. It is a personal preference and it does not have to be dictated by your age. Depending on your shape, you may want to stay away from low cut undies, especially if you have a bulging midsection. High-waist underwear would be the better choice. Your body type changes as you get older so you may have to choose a support bra to keep the bust line lifted and not sagging. You will have an improved look and fit to your clothing.

Butt Lift and Support
You also may want to explore lingerie options that lift the butt. These days, they are making panties that do this. So forget about the sagging rear end when you can buy lingerie to fix this. Your dress and pants will look better on you.

When a lot of individuals think about support lingerie, they consider bustier and thick bras that people used to wear in the past. Everything is changing. Companies that make lingerie are opting to sell sexy, stylish and appealing products for women who are over the age of 40. Compared to women in their 30s, over forty year old women can generally afford to buy more expensive and well-designed lingerie.

Your choice again depends on your body type. If you have gained some weight, you may want to wear looser fitting lingerie that accentuates your best assets. Go for the silky styled lingerie, peignoir sets and nightgowns, which are timeless and meant for every age group.

Tell us what kind of lingerie you prefer. Do you think that women over 40 should go for sexy or remain conservative? What are your thoughts about wearing a thong at the age of 40 and over? Should women over 40 have to scale back when it comes to lingerie since this is a private matter? What do you think?

Flexees – As Good As Spanx and Cheaper?

If you are looking for slimming undergarments and considering Spanx or Flexees, read this article. Have you heard of Flexees? Flexees is a line of shapewear offering collections for all of your different slimming needs. Whether you are looking for something to slim your belly, smooth over your love handles, or tame your muffin top – Flexees has the slimming shapewear to do it. If you want all over firm control Flexees has the answer for that too. Flexees has lightweight and firm waist cinchers, thigh slimmers and plus size briefs and thigh slimmers among their collections of high quality slimming undergarments. Flexees underwear pieces also get rave reviews from women who have worn them post-surgery and as post-operation recovery shapewear.

Spanx are good and have a lot of nice options but Flexees has even more shaping options with really firm control. Also, Flexees are cheaper! Most Flexees comparable products are close to half the price of Spanx slips and body shapers.

Flexees has loads of options from the Flexees Weightless Power collection which offers super lightweight pieces that slim your body for everyday and remain hidden under clothes to super firm control collections like Flexees Ultimate Slimmer and Flexees Take Inches Off.

One great thing about Flexees is that there are several shapewear pieces that you can wear your own bra with. There are torsettes, body briefers and slips that you can wear with your favorite bra so you can really get the shape you want, slimming the parts you want to minimize and enhancing the parts you want to flaunt.

Flexees are made by Maidenform so you know they have the research and the design to back up claims like, "Take Inches Off".

If you do not want some serious firm control shapewear for everyday, you can also opt for some lightweight shaping that offer smoothing under even the lightest fabrics – consider the Flexees Weightless Power and Flexees Fat Free Dressing Collections.

For targeting your problem areas, you can not really do better than Flexees. You can get slimming briefs with tummy panels, some that are high waisted to really give you the hourglass shape you want, thigh slimmers, some also high-waisted, body briefers, camisoles, waistnippers, slimming slips, strapless slips and more. Some items are made in luxurious fabrics that are meant to be seen so you can wear them not only as underwear but as feminine, full coverage tops as well.

Special occasion dressing is made easy – take off inches and like like you shed 10 pounds with a change of undergarments. Flexees has shaping solutions for every problem area – back fat, a tummy, no defined waist, muffin top, love handles, lumps and bumps – even your posture can be improved when you put on a Flexees Shaping Slip or Body Briefer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Undergarments Shopping

When shopping for undergarments, people have to be extra careful. They should make sure that the items they choose fit comfortably and suit the clothes they wear. An undergarment, as its name suggests, is worn underneath clothing, so it is not visible to others. Even if this is so, it can greatly affect how the wearer feels and looks. Therefore, one of the factors to consider when choosing undergarments is the material or fabric it is made from. This is especially important in some climates.

Perhaps the main advantage of online undergarments shopping is the convenience it gives. It saves the time and trouble of going to different shops and falling in line to pay for the product. It would definitely be easier to shop online by browsing a number of websites to check the available products, compare prices, place an order and finally, pay over the Internet. On the other hand, the major disadvantage of online undergarments shopping is the possibility that the items will not fit. This can be a problem with online shops that use a "no return, no exchange" policy.

If a store does not accept returns, it makes no difference if the purchase has been made online or in person. Once people buy from retail shops and they are contended with their purchase, it can be an advantage to buy the underwear online, since it is more likely to fit. Some shops accept returns on undergarments that still have their tags attached to them. Therefore, making online purchases of underwear on these sites can definitely be an advantage, even if they are not the same brand.

One more advantage of online undergarments shopping is the possibility of searching not only local shops, but stores from the entire country, as well. Shopping locally will only allow consumers to visit a few stores in person, while shopping online gives them a wide range of choices, in terms of style and color. This is particularly helpful for those who live far from urban areas. One of the disadvantages of making online purchases is the probability of experiencing poor service or not getting the ordered item on the expected date. These potential risks, however, can be prevented by purchasing from reputable online shops and from those recommended by family and friends.

Undergarments that are sold online usually have accurate and detailed descriptions. A disadvantage to this is the fact that the items for sale are not tangible. These online sites do not show all the different colors or pattern options in their online catalog. Another disadvantage of making an online purchase of underwear is the time you have to wait for the delivery.

The last disadvantage of purchasing underwear online is the shipping charge. However, since these items are lightweight, the shipping may not cost too much. Come to think of it, the amount of money that consumers spend when shopping from different local stores can just be as much as paying the costs of shipping, when it comes to transportation and fuel costs. They can, however, save these additional charges by buying from sites that provide free shipping. This is another advantage of online undergarments shopping.

Lingerie Gift Guide for the Sexy, Flirty, Casual, Mature & Masculine Personality

Whether it's Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or even Christmas, finding sexy lingerie or sleepwear for that special someone can be difficult. Of course everyone has different tastes when it comes to lingerie, which is why a gift guide for people to find the perfect present for their specific loved one is needed. This gift guide is divided up into five parts according to various personality types: sexy, fun, casual, mature and men's lingerie.

Sexy Diva: This person likes to get a little crazy in the bedroom with racy surprises and different outfits. They like more adventurous lingerie – maybe something with vinyl or leather. The colors in their wardrobe are usually black and red because these are a bit bolder and add more sex appeal. This person is certainly not new to bold pieces and would appreciate something a bit more on the naughty side, like a corset, bustier or maybe a revealing teddy.

Flirty & Fun: The fun individual likes variety, whether it is different patterns, colors or styles. This person does not buy the same shirt twice and would not be caught dead in the same shirt as another person at a party. They definitely do not wear white or beige because they want to stand out, so help them do that with a vibrant babydoll, camisole or chemise.

Casual Cool: This person is all about comfort – forget fancy lingerie get-ups! They like solid colors that they can wear for every occasion. Because they like to lounge around, they'll want a comfy gown or robe, maybe even a pair of boyshorts. Do not even think about getting them a thong or corset. These are too much fuss for this laid-back person.

Mature: This lady does everything she can to keep her family afloat, and because of this, she deserves whatever she wants when it comes to lingerie or sleepwear. Look at the above categories for a certain something to make this lady feel her best, whether it's sexy, fun or casual.

Masculine Man: If you're looking for a piece of lingerie or sleepwear for a more manly individual, avoid searching men's fashion lingerie. Men's fashion lingerie are often trendy and more coloful. For gender neutral and masculine pieces browse boxers to robes to sexy costumes, all you have to decide is whether your man wants silk or cotton.

Wishing you all the best in your search. If there's a need for more personal styling questions consider asking their friends and family for advice.

Choosing Lingerie That Flatters

Women often know what kinds of clothes that fit their personalities and their body types. And choosing the best stilettos to pair a particular dress is just a breeze for them. However, when it comes to choosing a lingerie, many women can not decide which can really flatter. And because there is a really wide range of options of lingerie, choosing a type that fits your shape and style can really be confusing. Here are tips to consider when choosing the best lingerie.

Breast Size

Since, of all the parts of the female anatomy, the bust line calls for the most attention, it is best for women with small breasts to consider buying padded or wired lingerie to make breasts appear a little bigger.

Thighs and Legs

For short-legged women, lingerie with high-cut leg designs will help make an illusion of longer legs. And if you want to appear sexier, a skimpy thong will definitely make you sizzling hot! This style will not only create an illusion of longer legs but of slimmer figure as well.

Lingerie is definitely not for the sexy alone. Wearing the right lingerie can actually make bigger women look alluring. For example, women with big thighs and plump bottoms can look diva hot with an undergarment that covers especially the lower part of their body. For women with this body type, wearing lingerie that emphasizes breasts or the upper part of the body can actually divert attention from the chubby bottoms to the sexier upper part of the body.


Women with big stomach should choose dark-colored undergarments. Black, dark green, or maroon can actually do the trick. For women with this body type, it is also best to choose opaque fabric instead of chiffon or satin. You can wear light-colored lingerie for the upper part but make sure to pair it with dark-colored lingerie for the lower part to emphasize the upper body.

Lingerie Color

How to choose the right lingerie color for you? Well this can something be confusing as lingerie comes in many colors as well. But the general rule is to choose pastels if you are light-skinned or blonde and earth colors and darker shades if you are dark-haired. If you are red-head, deep greens and chocolate brown is your perfect match.

Shoulders, Arms, Waist and Hips

Wide-shouldered women look best in lingerie with wide straps or sleeves. This type will create an illusion of slimmer shoulders. And for women who do not have curves, wearing a two-piece lingerie will definitely create an illusion of an hour glass figure-that is, with wider hips and slimmer waist.

Choosing the Right Plus-Size Lingerie

To look sexy and stylish in the latest of women’s fashion is not a privilege only slim women can enjoy. Of course, large women can have the full benefits of looking their best in lingerie-only if they know what exactly they are looking for. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right plus-size lingerie for you.

Know your body well

It always pays to know your size before hitting the shops for your lingerie. Make sure to get the exact measurement of your hips, waist and bust line because you wouldn’t want to see cruel little smiles pulling across the buttoned areas of your garment or to look like you’re wearing a tent.

Go for separate pieces

While a one-piece nightgown is such a darling, sad to say, this lingerie piece might betray you. This is because one part of the garment will not fit you the right way; one part will always be too big and the rest too small. So for women who find it hard to look for the right-fitting garment, it would be best to get lingerie in separate pieces. That way you can have a camisole or chemise of one size and then choose panties, skirts or pajamas in the other size. Just make sure the pieces color-coordinate well. If you find it difficult to match the pieces, stick to the basics like white and black.

Know where to hunt them down

You can scour the nearest mall or department store for that perfect lingerie. But if you’re looking for variety, you can shop online. There are many choices.

Emphasize and deemphasize

If you know your body well, you will have an idea of what part of it you can flaunt and what part you need to hide. For those who have gorgeous bust lines, draw attention to them by wearing halter tops or v-necked pieces. Go for pieces that will support your breasts like bras with underwires. If your belly protrudes in an awkward way, go for empire waist lingerie; this will hide your belly.

For those who have heavy arms but nice-looking shoulders, go for wide-strapped pieces or lacy sleeves.

If you have curvy, nicely-shaped waist, flaunt it by wearing lingerie with waist patterns, belts or a ribbon tied around the waist area.

If you have a problem about your huge thighs, go for long pants or wide-legged style.

Comfort and convenience

Lingerie pieces with adjustable straps can give you the perfect fit like bra-like straps. These can also be perfect for petite women since the straps can be adjusted to raise the length of a nightgown a few inches up. Draw strings are also good for women who need more room around the waist and hip area. Likewise, for women who need more room around the bust, lingerie pieces made of stretchable material are perfect for you.


Go for light hues in patterned designs to draw out your most beautiful features. If you want to hide some problematic areas, pick dark colors in black or blue.

Men's Support Underwear 101 – Men Should Not Wear Ladies Girdles

If you're just like the majority of the American population, chances are that you could stand to lose a little weight, especially around your midsection. It is probably common knowledge that women wear girdles – as matter of fact, you can easily find them in most major department stores – but what about men's girdles?

While some men actually wear ladies girdles, this situation is far from ideal. Men's girdles are a target specialty market and they are especially designed to minimize the appearance of a soft belly while giving off a masculine shape. Women's girdles, on the other hand, are designed to nip in at the waist to create the feminine hourglass figure. Naturally, most men will steer clear of wearing women's girdles.

Where to Find Men's Girdles

As previously mentioned, girdles for men still exists as a very small niche in the underwear market. Sometimes you find them labeled as men's underwear and other times as support briefs. Either way, just know that these undergarments are very effective at reducing the appearance of excess stomach fat and love handles while also providing much needed back support.

You probably will not be able to find a male girdle just with a simple visit to your department store. Instead, you can easily find men's girdles online. Most retailers will have a variety of sizes available, so no matter if you're a medium or extra extra large, you can find your perfect fit. Speaking of fit, most men's girdles will be the same size as you would normally wear in pants.

There are two major brand names of men's girdles that receive great reviews: Underworks and Equmen. Underworks has several styles from your brief girdle to long leg girdles that resemble boxer shorts. You can easily buy them via Amazon or from a specialty online underwear store like Fresh Pair.

Equmen calls it line of men's girdles "performance underwear." These support underwear are designed to streamline your body, provide gluteal support, and improve posture. You can also buy these underwear online from Amazon or the Fresh Pair website. Customer reviews give these performance underwear great ratings for good fit, support, comfort, and appropriate for everyday wear.

Buying Retro Shapewear – The Fifties Lingerie Fashion Revival

Fashion goes in cyles. Not so long ago girdles and corsets were objects of mirth – the lingerie that granny used to wear. Yet shapewear is suddenly cool again, clothing to be seen in!

Several factors underlie this growth in the popularity of shapewear – and the resurgence of burlesque as an entertainment plays a big role. The designer Jean Paul Gaultier also had a major influence when he resurrected the bullet bra, and satin shapewear generally, featuring them both on his perfume bottles and in his costume designs for Madonna. Suddenly shapewear is no longer an embarrassing secret but clothing to flaunt – underwear worn as outerwear is hitting the catwalks and nightclubs. Much of the current shapewear designs are modeled on fifties designs, for it was in this decade that Dior launched the ‘wasp waist’ look.

His couture fashion demanded a well-defined silhouette – at a stroke it was essential for any well-dressed lady to wear a girdle or corset simply to be able to wear what was currently fashionable. Retro shapewear, whilst paying homage to those fifties designs, brings them up to date with more modern materials. The rubber content of the material originally provided the elasticity of shapewear, but today lycra has supplanted rubber, offering controlled stretch. Lycra also eliminates the not uncommon problem of latex allergy and, importantly, can be made to offer increased support selectively in different places on a garment. However the features that typify the fifties shapewear, girdles, corsets and corselettes (all-in-ones) have been retained – the satin panels, the lace detailing and sexy sheer panels.

Girdle garter clips – how many? Look round the internet and you’ll find suspender belts (or garter belts if you are American!) with four six eight or more garters. Of course the minimum four will work fine, although six is probably ideal, and more than six will add a sexy frisson to the garment, but will take far longer to clip to the stocking top! Do remember that if you are looking to recreate the fifties look that six to eight garters will be preferable as you’ll also be wearing seamed stockings (fully fashioned if you are a purist!) – by wearing a garter belt with six or eight garters will give your stockings stability. It does not matter if a seamless stocking rotates a little in wear, but nothing looks worse than a stocking seam that snakes unevenly up the back, or side, of the leg!

Garter clip materials Much modern lingerie uses garter clips, with plastic both for the ‘frame’ and for the middle garter ‘button’. Be very careful ordering online as the buttons on some of the cheaper designs are poorly designed, and the frame is flimsy – making it almost impossible to hook the stocking to the garter, or the garter pops open during wear which can lead to embarrassment! The original designs used a metal frame for the garter with a rubber button. The better retro designs still use this arrangement that ensures that garter clip can hold the stocking securely, even when the welt of the stocking is relatively thick.

Attaching the stocking Yes there is a correct way to attach the garter to the stockings! It is sensible to wear thin cotton or nylon gloves when putting on stockings as particularly the genuine fifties vintage stockings can easily be snagged by the slightest roughness of the hands. The stocking should be put on the foot, then the material gathered and gently pulled up, carefully checking that the seam runs straight up the back of the leg. Now the rear garter should be clipped to the stocking – the garter and the clip should be positioned above the keyhole in the welt if the stocking is a fully fashioned variety, otherwise in line with the stocking seam. The remaining garters should then be attached, ensuring each strap drops straight down and not at an angle.

Retro or real vintage lingerie? Some people will only wear the genuine vintage whilst others are happy to wear the retro shapewear copies. There is a certain pleasure to be derived from knowing you are dressed in underpinnings with direct historic links – and it really makes an interesting topic at dinner parties – strangely enough it seems to intrigue men as much as women (or maybe not so strange!). However if you are thinking of going down the fifties lingerie route, be aware that lingerie of that era is not easily found in all sizes, it may have slight discolorations or other storage marks like rust spots. The flip side is that such vintage lingerie is likely to hold its value and if well looked after can be looked on as an investment you are able to wear!

Panties – Guide to Finding Your Correct Panty Size!

Find Your Correct Panty Size!

Did you ever get stuck with the wrong size panty and found out that you can not return it? Stores can not resell worn panties. Find out how to measure for your perfect size panty. Sizes do vary a little between manufacturers. Listed below is a general fit rule for the majority of panties. Let your bottoms feel comfortable with the right size panty!

Step 1: Waist Measurement

Hold the tape snugly around the natural indentation of your waist. To locate this indentation, bend to the side and look for the crease in your waist. Use the mirror to make sure that the tape is level. Write the measurement down below. Note the measurement in inches.

Waist Measurement in Inches

Waist Size

Step 2: Hip Measurement

Hold the tape snugly around the fullest part of your hips. Use the mirror to make sure that the tape is level. Write the measurement down below. Note the measurement in inches.

Hip Measurement in Inches

Hip Size

Step 3: Panty Size

You these . Follow the if three simple steps, you are On on your way to the perfect fit panty . You will have non-binding panties that actually look good under clothing and feel oh so comfortable. You will avoid excess panty lines and that uncomfortable riding up. With just a few minutes of your time, you will find your way to comfort. Go shopping, ladies! That perfect the find thong , g-string, brief, string bikini panty, or the plain basic panty. Make sure they fit and you will be on your way to comfort and sex appeal.

XSmall (Size 4) – Waist 23-24 inches / Hip 33-34 inches.

Small (Size 5) – Waist 25-26 inches / Hip 35-36 inches.

Medium (Size 6) – Waist 27-28 inches / Hip 37-38 inches.

Large (Size 7) – Waist 29-30 inches / Hip 39-40 inches.

XLarge (Size 8) – Waist 31 – 32 inches / Hip 41-42 inches.

2XLarge (Size 9) – Waist 33-34 inches / Hip 43-44 inches.

3XLarge (Size 10) – Waist 35-36 inches / Hip 45-46 inches.

4XLarge (Size 11) – Waist 37-38 inches / Hip 47-48 inches.