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Bodystocking Review

This autumn (fall) or winter, why not try a bodystocking if you haven’t already done so? As summer comes to an end and the days shorten, it is time to start thinking about wearing clothes to keep warmer in the ensuing months. In my case, short, lightweight skirts are replaced by longer, heavier skirts in materials such as twill cotton and denim, and my flimsy short-sleeved tops are replaced by blouses and long sleeved tops. However, this is the time of the year where bodystockings can come into their own. Sure, enough girls also wear them during the summer because they are an erotic piece of lingerie and can be fun to wear, but come winter, their snug fit not only keeps you warm, but enables you to have more choice on what tops, dresses and skirts to wear. There are many erotic styles of bodystocking, but there are also a large number of practical styles that are inexpensive and do a perfect job of covering the body in the same way as a pair of tights covers the legs.

If you’ve never worn a bodystocking before, you are probably unaware of the variety that is available. When visiting mainstream lingerie sites, bodystockings rarely feature on the home page, and, are often entirely missing from sites. When they do appear on sub-level pages on lingerie sites, there is usually only a small selection available. This is mainly because they are deemed a luxury item when it comes to lingerie, as tights, stockings, bras, pants and the like, form the main revenue streams for lingerie stores. However, look hard enough and you will find some attractive selections of bodystocking. So what types of bodystocking should you be looking for, and what is generally available?

Without doubt, sheer and opaque bodystockings are the most popular. Lingerie sites that provide a small bodystocking offering will invariably display bodystockings of these two types. Sheer is a semi-transparent material that is usually a very thin knit and so is of a fairly low denier. On the other hand, opaque is usually of a higher denier and, by definition, is impenetrable by light. Out of the two, opaque will generally keep you warmer, whereas sheer, being finer, is more sensitive to the clothes worn over it. Both of these types of bodystocking are predominantly sold in black and beige or nude, although black is a very popular colour for opaque bodystockings. Another difference is that there tends to be more variety of sheer styles than there are for opaque, which tends to be plain and practical. They do come in many other colours, with white and red probably being the next most popular after nude (beige) and black.

However, the choice in styles does not stop at sheer and opaque. Another popular style is fishnet. Fishnet is a material with an open, diamond shaped knit, and is seen frequently in tights and stockings. There are also variations on fishnet. These variations tend to be based on the size of the diamonds. Fencenet, for example, contains much larger diamonds than fishnet. There is also a style called ‘industrial net’ which is very similar to fishnet, but usually has slightly larger diamonds, although not as large as fencenet. Crochet bodystockings are another style similar to fishnet in that they contain holes, but the patterns are more intricate than the simple diamond shape used for fishnet.

Of a more interesting design, are spiderweb bodystockings. These come in many variations, all based on spiderweb patterns. There are some very attractive spiderweb bodystockings available if you’re prepared to search them out.

Another popular style of bodystocking that does not feature on mainstream lingerie sites as much as sheer and opaque bodystockings is lace. Lace bodystockings come in many more variations than any other style. Floral lace, butterfly lace, ruffle tops, bows, swirl lace and Spanish lace are just a few examples of what can be found in lace bodystockings. That said, these types of bodystocking are probably more suited to evening wear than casual daytime wear.

There are also a number of different fitting alternatives for all the aforementioned bodystocking styles. The most prevalent, is simply, strapped. However, there are other fittings available. Among these are open neck, halterneck, shoulderless, and turtleneck, the latter being a popular, and aften sought for style.

The one other variation that people should be aware of is lycra. Lycra is actually a company trademark, but is now so well known, people associate it with materials containing elasticity. The majority of bodystockings are 100% nylon. However, a small percentage of bodystockings contain elastane. This is sometimes described as spandex which is the US variant of elastane. Bodystockings containing elastane (often referred to as lycra) are more stretchy and giving than ones that are 100% nylon. This can be quite important to people when looking for bodystockings.

So, there is much more variety in bodystocking styles and fittings than many people imagine. Although it’s probably fair to class bodystockings in the ‘Adult Erotic’ category, they also are a very practical item of lingerie to wear.

Vintage Shapewear – Fifties Fashion Needs a Fifties Silhouette

Fifties and sixties shapewear is in the news again, partly as a result of the TV series Mad Men. Actresses don the original sixties pull-on girdles to realize those shapely figures women enjoyed flaunting all through the fifties until the call came for them to 'burn their bras' and became liberated! Now those fashions are back with a vengeance.

Some people collect vintage shapewear purely for the pleasure of owning a collection of vintage fashion history, others buy to wear and others still buy as an investment. Unlike the modern retro copies there are a variety of pitfalls to negotiate if you are entering the field of vintage girdles and corsetry for the first time. The first question that I am often asked is why someone should buy fifties lingerie when there is already such a wide choice of modern lingerie available. The detailing and hand finishing on exquisite fifties satin bullet bras and the art deco inspired stitching on fifties long line girdles has to be seen to be believed. It would be impossible for modern shapewear, which is mass-produced to come close to this level of workmanship, without costing a small fortune.

The following tips should give you the background you need when starting your own vintage lingerie collection.

Sizing: size specification has altered significantly over the years – you should be aware that a modern size 12 will be significantly larger than a size 12 from the fifties, and also sizing is varies in different countries – a US size 12 could be a UK size 16!

Materials: It was rubber thatave vintage shapewear its stretch characteristics. The modern counterparts are Lycra and elastane. Sadly vintage lingerie containing latex is particularly sensitive to deterioration over time, even more so if the garments have not been stored in temperature-controlled conditions. If you stretch a girdle and it stays stretched then it will not be wearable and certainly will not be a collectible item either! From the forties onward some manufacturers used a form of foam rubber as padding in their corsets and corselets (effectively a longline bra and girdle joined into one garment). Often such vintage shapewear will not have to stand the test of time – the foam rubber often becomes rock hard and inflexible or, worse, crumbles to a gritty powder.

All reputable vintage lingerie online stores will check and describe the condition of the fabric, but you do need to be especially careful if you use an online auction site to source your shapewear. Garter clips from this era used a metal frame with a rubber garter tab. So often a beautiful fifties girdle is rendered less desirable by the rubber tab hardening – the first time one tries to open the garter clip the tab cracks and crumbles. Of course if you are very handy with a needle and thread it is possible to replace the garter tabs; The resulting garment will still be a delight to wear but less attractive to the purist collector, for whatever original condition and construction is very important.

Condition: The nearer the condition of the garment to 'factory fresh' the more collectable it will be – naturally this is more difficult to attain with items from the twenties and thirties than from the sixties. There is currently little demand for lingerie after the sixties, because at that point pantyhose all but killed the stockings, garters and girdles. Collectors look for garments that are clean, show no signs of wear and tear, no perishing of fabrics, rust or storage marks. Frankly collecting for investment tend to be risky because subjective deterioration can be ungoing without expert care – it is better to collect to enjoy wearing, with the bonus that if you treat the items with care you are likely to recoup your outlay if and when you do Decide to dispose of them. Age: It is obvious that an older item in great condition is likely to be more valuable than a more recent example. Check the label – older labels will have the hand washing instructions – if you see the machine washing icons then you are looking at modern shapewear! One clue to age is the older garments will have rubber, cotton, rayon used … more modern garments will have Lycra. Bear in mind that if the labels have been removed from the garment then it is illegally to be of much interest to a collector. Another clue to age is that items from the forties often had the 'utility label', looking like a pair of 'pac men'. The holy grail for collectors, is to get find 'new old stock', often sold with the acronym 'NOS' – not only will the labels be intact but the original cardboard sales tag will be on the garment, and maybe even the original packaging .

Being able to shop online has boosted the popularity of vintage shapewear, but as with any other collectible item, it is always a case of 'buyer beware' – the more detailed the item description, covering sizing, labeling and condition, and the more detailed The photographs, the more confidence you can have in buying. If you are buying on an auction site, check how long has the seller been a member of the site. Check the member's feedback. With all sellers whether auction or an online boutique, check the returns policy.

Women’s Underwear – How to Choose Your Secret Weapon

For many of us, women’s underwear is the secret ingredient to feeling sexy. Whether it’s a new pair of panties that make us feel flirty underneath, or the right pair of shapers, the women’s underwear business is in strong demand. Finding the right type of panty for each occasion can be more fun than you thought. Understanding the different styles available and how they work can help you get the right look for your outfits.

Sometimes, when picking the right panties, it may be true that less is more. When wearing low rise pants, sheer fabrics, or fitted clothing, avoid picking women’s underwear that would traditionally show panty lines. There are several options, so find the one that is right for you. Some of the choices include:


This style has been around for years, with both sensual appeal and practical purpose. Thong women’s underwear are available in a variety of fabrics and color choices, giving multiple options when needing to conceal underclothing. Thongs are perfect for those light colored linen pants, the close fitting evening gown, or the new style low rise pants. These womenâEUR(TM)s underwear will not show any lines at all, since the only real panty line will be around the hips.


Seamless women’s underwear have become incredibly popular to wear under tighter fashions. These underwear are designed on a circular loom, which eliminates the side seams. This gives not only an incredibly comfortable fit, but also a clean, smooth look when you are wearing form fitted clothes. These women’s underwear come in a wide range of fabrics for the feel you want, and still have the cotton crotch. If your preference is for thongs, bikinis, briefs or boy shorts, you can find any of these styles in a seamless version.


With those who suffer from a flat butt, there is a magic trick that will enhance your booty. Padded panties are available in both briefs and boy shorts, and have padding to enhance the rear-end. For those who have longed for an answer to the slant from their back to the legs, a simple (and invisible) trick is a new option, being made more popular as women discover these women’s underwear.


No matter how thin, women always want to find a way to conceal that inevitable bulge. By investing in a pair or two of good shaping underwear such as Spanx, you can smooth those rolls from below the breast to the knees. Unlike the old fashioned girdles, these underwear are more breathable and functional. Some women are so thrilled with the results they would never consider leaving the house without them.


Designers have kept up with the demand for plus size women’s underwear, and being a large woman doesn’t mean that you have to give up the sassy or functional look you want. Shop for panties that match your size, because wearing well fitting panties is always more flattering than trying to squeeze into a pair that is too small.

Whatever style panties you want, by investing in several pairs of quality womens underwear you will always have the right pair for the occasion. Buy a variety of styles so that you will always have what you need, without having to go out and shop before a special event. Your underwear drawer can be the place that makes you feel beautiful or frustrated – pick beautiful.

Stop the Boob Bounce!

Do your boobs bounce? Then you are definitely wearing the wrong bra. 80% of women wear the wrong size bra. You must make sure that you get yourself fitted correctly. Go in and get fitted. Then, try a few different sizes close to what you were measured at. Some women have smaller backs; Therefore, they try one cup size up and one band size down. For instance, if you are measured at a 38D and you have a small back, try the 36E also. If you have a large back, you want to try a band size larger and a cup size smaller. For example, if you measured at a 38D, you may want to try a 40C too.

If your bobs still bounce a lot with the correct bra size. You may want a different style bra. You may want a full coverage bra. They have extra material support to fully encompass the girls. You definitely do not want to go with a shelf or demi cup bra if you are worried about the bounce.

To get the best support, go with a sports bra. There are some women that wear sports bras every day. They are designed to handle motion. They are not concerned with fashion like most bras. They have special features to keep the girls in place. Some sports bras compress and others fully encapsulate each breast. The main purpose is to stop bouncing and supporting the ligaments, tendons, and breast tissue in your boobs. Sports bras are specifically designed to handle any type of activities.

If you do not want to wear a sports bra all the time, you need to still protect your chest. The best bras for support besides the sports bras are the molded under wire full figure bras with strong bands, wide straps, and side slings. At the very least for all your bras, you should have a good quality band. The majority of your support comes from the band. Make sure that the band fits properly with room for an index finger snugly and no riding up the back. It should not be snug enough to have back fat hanging out.

As a woman, you do not want to have a lot of bounce. You can damage your breast tissues and you will sag earlier than your time. You need to protect the girls. Get fitted. Try a few different bras. Bounce around in the dressing room to make sure the girls stay in place. Buy sports bras. If you want variety, at least make sure that your bras have a good solid band that fits. Style is good but breast health is great for a lifetime. Make sure to limit your bounce. You will be uplifted for many years to come.

Peignoir Sets – Dirty Or Demure? How to Use the Power of the Peignoir in the Boudoir and the Bedroom

Not sure what a peignoir set is? Literally the word means a robe that you wear when combing your hair, so any type of robe or dressing gown is actually a peignoir, it does not have to be transparent. A peignoir set is one where the nightgown and the robe match in some way, they are usually the same color and made of the same materials.

Peignoir sets are usually associated with romance and are the number one choice for brides preparing for their honeymoon. Typically white and often made from chiffon or silk and trimmed with some form of lace, bridal peignoir sets can be very demure, but with the right accessories you can use the power of the peignoir, especially the transparent peignoir, for a rather different effect.

To turn your bedroom into a boudoir, remember that catching a glimpse of something is always more tantalising than seeing the whole thing. Anticipation is key. The more you wear, the more there is to unwrap. Wear your peignoir set as a whole when you want to look demure, wear the peignoir itself over your other lingerie when you want to tease, wear the peignoir and the nightgown over something daring and you'll have an ensemble to remember. And each time he see's you wearing it, he'll wonder which variation you'd decided to go for tonight.

If you have a pink peignoir set, why not wear the robe over a brief black teddy, or a boudoir bra and pants, with a pink trimmed garter belt and long black stockings. Pink and black make a wonderful combination – naughty but feminine all at the same time.

If you have a white peignoir set you can get a very interesting effect from wearing it over flesh colored undies – you'll look as though you're naked underneath, but there will still be a layer to unwrap. Done well, it's enough to drive anyone to distraction.

But there are other ways to use the power of peignoir. Many women have a connection in their minds between luxury and sex so a luxury peignoir set is ideal for setting your mood, even if it may be far too demure for his liking.

There's nothing quite like a long sweeping nightgown in fine linen and lace to put you in a fantasy mood – so from time to time forget cheap nylon and feed your fantasies; go for something luxurious, a simple chemise with a soft lace trim that can be worn off the shoulder has a wonderful romantic period feel to it, and who knows what you may be wearing underneath?

Disadvantages Of The Wrong Bra Size

In the following article, examples will be given in order to help you figure out whether or not you have the right bra size by depicting the disadvantages of the wrong size bra.

Muffin Top

If you have a cup size that it too small, you will need to squeeze your breasts in your bra, this will create a bulge at the top of your bra. If you notice this, everyone else probably notices it too. You will need to increase the size of your bra in order to solve this problem.

"Hiked" Up

Your bra is said to be "hiked" up when if pulls up on your back. In order to have the right fitting bra, your band should lay flat along your back just below your shoulder blades. Sometimes, this problem can be fixed simply by making the straps bigger, but other times, it will necessitate a new bra with a bigger band.

Marks on the Skin

If you have a bra that does not fit properly, or the straps are not adjusted, you could discover some redness or marks on your body where your bra is too tight. There could be some pain and discomfort experienced with these including itching and burning sensations. These may also lead to permanent scars; therefore you should fix this by adjusting the straps or buying a new bra in the correct size.

Wire Poking

You should not feel the under wire that is in your bra poke in your skin. If this occurs, it is a result of the bra being too old and worn or not having the right size. If the wire is coming out of the bra, you may be able to take out both wires and continue wearing it.

Sagging Bra

If your breasts are sagging when you wear a bra, you have absolutely no support from it. Whether you are an A cup or a DDD, your breasts should always be sitting upright. If you choose to wear a bra that sags, you may as well wear nothing at all. Try once again to fix it by adjusting the size of the straps, however if this does not help, you may want to get re-sized and find the right size for you.

Empty Cup

There should be absolutely no space between your cup and your breasts. If it is loose, you need to get a bra with a smaller cup size.

Bra Wallet

Do you put random objects in your bra? If so, you should not be able to fit anything, meaning that if you can, you do not have the right size. Also, doing this may decrease the life of the bra by damaging it. Although putting a couple dollar bills in there is not a problem, you should not be putting things like cigarettes or a lighter.

All that being said, these can all be caused by weight gain or loss; therefore a general rule of thumb is that if you lose or gain weight, you should get re-sized and find the right size bra for your new body. That being said, it is also a good idea to get sized yearly as you may not notice any weight gain or weight loss and there may be some, and as we age are breasts tend to sag more. Make sure to have a look in the mirror for all these things, as you will not be the only one noticing if these are happening, others will notice also.

The Girlfriends' Guide to Buying the Right Lingerie For That First Weekend Away!

Every woman wants to make sure that her first weekend away with their boyfriend is special and one way to do that is to buy a special piece of lingerie that you can model just for him but what happens if you get it wrong. If you buy the wrong piece of lingerie, it can turn a great weekend away to a break-up party.

The key to buying lingerie for that first weekend away, is to be sexy without being salacious. Most men would rather see their girlfriends comfortable and their bodies accentuated in the right lingerie, than looking cheap and nasty.

I guess we have all seen the revolting lingerie from some of the cheap adult movies, but in reality couples do not want that experience. Not if they want their relationship to last.

When choosing the piece for your weekend, you first need to work out whether it will be a piece you are going to wear out to dinner, a piece you will put on prior to retiring to bed or something you will surprise him with in the morning .

The most common type of lingerie that couples select for their weekend away for dinner is a nice sexy bra and panty set. If you are buying your lingerie for dinner then the two best colours to wear are either red or grey. The setting you are going to be in will depend on whether the bra and panty set come with suspenders or not. It is recommended that if you are in a formal dining environment in the city then suspenders are a must including stockings. If you weekend away is in the country, than a nice pear of jeans that suit your lingerie would be more appropriate.

Always make sure that the lingerie will suit your outerwear. There are many nice sets of ruffle bra and panty sets but they would not necessarily work with jeans. A flat style of lingerie would be more suitable.

If you are buying lingerie for retiring to bed, then satin is always the best way to go. What you buy is dependent on your goals. In a colder climate satin or silk long pajamas in either red or purple are the way to go with a long matching gown and matching g-string, thong or panty.

Remember the key with lingerie is that less is more. To make your weekend more exciting then slowly reveal what you are wearing. If your weekend away is in a warmer climate then a satin stretch sleepwear dress would be more appropriate with matching panty.

When choosing day lingerie, the really cool way to surprise him is to choose a piece that can be worn exposed. A nice external bustier is one way that you can achieve this. Alternatively, you can wear a buttoned shirt that part exposes the bustier or even a nice quality bra.

Your first weekend away is about you feeling happy, healthy and sexy all weekend, so the pieces you choose should always reinforce this outcome. Never buy a piece that you will feel uncomfortable in because he will pickup on that discomfort. At the same time, you want to express your femininity to him as well, because there is nothing more exciting than your first weekend away, so it should be special.

How To Choose The Lingerie Colors That Will Make You Sizzle

You've had your eye on the perfect little nightgown and panty set or the full out cabaret inspired corset that you are sure will drive him wild. You've broken out the tailor's measure and taken all your measurements. You've made all the calls to the specialty boutiques and know exactly which roads to take to go to get it. In a word, you're set, but wait!

Have you thought about which color you should get it in? Color choice either makes an outfit explode like a firecracker or it makes it fizzle like a dud. Sure, you could always just buy black and white, but that would lead to a pretty boring collection of lingerie after a while. After all, who eats only chocolate and vanilla ice cream when you can mix it up with flavors like cookies and cream or rocky road?

When you are going to choose a color for lingerie, you need to work with what you have. Consider your hair, eyes, and skin. You will want to build off of these, either contrasting or accentuating, to make yourself look positively dynamite. Play your cards right and you could bring down buildings.

Start by thinking about your hair. Are you a blonde? A brunette? Blondes will be best complemented by soft, light colors, like the pastels. These work with and do not drown out their natural hair color. If you go too dark, you can even draw attention away from your face, which will make you less sexy. For brunettes, stronger colors work better. Earth tones and vibrant prints can make a dark haired woman sizzle. Redheads should go with colors that have a bit of spark to them, like red, vibrant blues, and lively greens. Remember, you are trying to accentuate your attributes, not hide them. It is that special something about you that makes you sexy, not the lingerie. Lingerie is about bringing your inner sexiness to the surface.

Now, move on to your eyes. The color of your eyes can be the determining factor in deciding on lingerie color. In general, ladies with blue eyes can choose a shade of blue from the most light to the most dark. Given the range of the color blue, you should see how wide a range you have!

Also try out brown or a mixture of browns and blues, which can also complement your eyes. Women with green eyes can, following the same logic, use anything that is green. But also some reds, or floral prints that have mixtures of reds and greens can be very pleasing on a green eyed lady. People with hazel eyes are lucky; they can use all earth tones, greens, and blues. When you are choosing your lingerie, think about emphasizing your eyes, because they are one of your sexiest assets.

Finally, think about your skin tone. You do not want to choose a lingerie color that will overpower your natural skin color, nor do you want to choose one that will blend in with you. Fair complexioned women are advised to stick to pastels and powder colors, unless you are matching your hair or eye color, which can create an air of effervescent beauty. Women have a more mid range skin color can choose stronger colors, but, as always, use your hair and eye color as a guide. Women who have dark skin have a wide selection of options available to them. Light colors will offer a stark contrast and make you skin stand out, which can be quite alluring. Ladies with darker skin can also use darker colors if they like. For a more exotic twist, try a daring pattern that will wow him!

To pick that killer lingerie, you've got to work with your natural assets, the twinkle in your eye, the flick of your hair, and the luster of your skin. Work your magic just right, and who knows what you can accomplish.

The Difference Between Sleepwear and Lingerie

When a guy is trying to think of the perfect romantic gift to give to the girl that he loves, one of the first things that often comes to mind is sleepwear or lingerie. In fact, studies have shown that one of the most common responses men give when quizzed on what a good gift for the women in their life would be is “sleepwear or lingerie”.

But hold on just a minute! Is it sleepwear, or is it lingerie? What’s that? You thought they were the same thing? Far from it. The difference between sleepwear and lingerie is quite vast, and it’s an important one to take note of. After all, even though this is supposed to be a present for her, you’ll hopefully be spending a great deal of time getting up close and personal with it yourself… so it pays to know what you’re getting into!

To begin with, what is the difference between sleepwear and lingerie? Simply put, sleepwear is something that you sleep in, and lingerie is something that you (typically) wear to bed. If that doesn’t make the distinction plain enough for you, let’s put it this way: most sleepwear is still on the woman the next morning, most lingerie usually makes its way to the bedroom floor at some point!

Sleepwear is often luxurious, well-tailored clothing intended to help a woman get the rest she needs to remain beautiful and vivacious. They’re usually made of high quality fabrics such as imported silks, or finely woven satins, and are cool and soft to the touch. They allow a woman to rest easily but still have the support and warmth she needs, and to wake up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Don’t get the impression that “sleepwear” refers to old flannel shirts or muu muus, however. Today’s sleepwear is an elegant affair, often containing elaborate designs and stylish cuts. This is probably where much of the confusion comes from – some sleepwear can be just as appealing (and just as revealing!) as lingerie!

Lingerie, on the other hand, is the kind of garment that is typically worn for a romantic evening in with just the two of you together. Think things like garter belts, delicate stockings, and elegant, lacy bras, and you’ll be starting to get the picture. Many men feel uncomfortable giving lingerie because they feel like it’s a gift “for them” rather than for the women in their lives. This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth! Most women feel uniquely flattered when they receive a gift like lingerie from the men they love, because it makes them feel sexy, desired, and attractive.

You do have to keep in mind the woman you’re shopping for, however. Not all women will be comfortable wearing revealing skimpy lingerie, and others will view sleepwear as something “old-fashioned” rather than classy. It all depends. Note that just because the woman in your life doesn’t respond to one or the other doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun. It’s possible to sleep in lingerie and wake up feeling energized, and given the nice designs in modern sleepwear, it’s also perfectly possible for it to become an erotically charged garment in its own right.

Which direction you go in the sleepwear vs. lingerie debate is up to you and the woman you’re buying for. You can’t go wrong, however, if you keep her and her unique personality in mind as you shop.

Why Do Women Buy Lingerie?

A baggie cotton T-shirt and spandex seems like comfortable sleepwear. So, why do women buy lingerie, when old clothes will do? Women buy lingerie for basically three reasons: to feel feminine, to please her partner, and just because she can.

First, women need to feel sexy and feminine. Post why? Consider the following scenario:

"Jane" is a stay-at-home mother of three. The oldest has T-ball after school. Her daughter has soccer. Thus, she is the unpaid taxi driver. When not shuttling the oldest two back and forth, between events, the youngest treats her like a 24-hour dairy bar.

Actually, all three kids are always hungry! If "Jane" is not fixing a snack, she is cleaning up the dirty dishes. When the soiled cups and plates are put away, it is time to begin preparing the next meal. Plus, in between snacks and meals, and during the baby's nap, the house needs picked up and the laundry is piling high. At the end of the day, "Jane" feels like a maid, a chauffeur, a cook, and a wet nurse. Nothing resembling a vibrant, sexy woman is in her daily job description. Thus, she is a prime example of why women buy lingerie. When "Jane" slips on the silky attire, she is a woman, first and foremost.

Second, in addition to helping moms and working woman feel vibrant and sexy, lingerie is pleasing to her partner. Truthfully, after a day of being mom, housekeeper, and cook, the idea of ​​being seen as a sexy, vibrant woman is really important. In "Jane's" case, she does not want to be seen as the wife who has let herself go. She wants to be more than a glorified babysitter. In her lingerie, she is all woman and still appealing.

Finally, women buy quality lingerie simply because they can. Frankly, most women love new clothes. Why should the wardrobe be limited to nice work wear? Women deserve to feel pretty lounging around the house and in the bedroom. Thus, quality lingerie is a great way women treat themselves to a little finery, even if they are not wealthy.

Simply put, women love high end lingerie and that is why women buy lingerie. The beautiful and slinky attire is something they can purchase to feel sexy and beautiful. Also, keeping romance alive contributes to a good relationship and a happier home. Finally, fashion is a great emotional boost. After a hard day at work, women like to slip into something more comfortable and relax. Why not feel vivacious and gorgeous at the same time. Women should treat themselves once in a while, and good lingerie is a great way to end the day.