Are Stockings Better Than Hold Ups?

Stockings are a glamorous, seductive piece of hosiery that has been worn by women for decades. Silk and cotton stockings were widely available for women after the first world war when shorter skirts became fashionable; it was then after the second world war that silk was replaced by nylon and other man made materials and the popularity of this style really took off. When looking back at ‘retro’ fashion of the ’30s and ’40s, a pair of stockings always seems to epitomise this style, and fashion retailers today have drawn on this to keep them fashionable once more.

The difference between stockings and hold ups is that holdups have a silicone band around the top to ensure that they stay up on the legs on their own; whereas stockings require a suspender belt to keep them up. To many they are seemingly the same product, but it can depend upon how you like to wear them and in which situation you want to wear them as to which is ultimately ‘better’.

Stockings and suspenders are a very sexy combination which is often worn as part of lingerie sets on romantic occasions for that special someone and can be very seductive for the opposite sex. Of course they can be worn on a day-to-day basis too as the suspender belt ensures they will stay in place; when wearing under a skirt in the day time, make sure the tops stay hidden to give an elegant look which will also make you feel sexy as only you know what’s underneath.

Holdups are also great for wearing with lingerie or in the day time, but make sure you invest in a good quality pair that is guaranteed to stay up all day; some cheaper versions can lose the stick on the silicone and cause the hosiery to fall down. They are available in all sorts of variations in style, colour, etc and there are specialist hosiery brands offering both hold ups and stockings at a range of affordable prices. Holdups can be as sexy or as basic as you’d like, with everything from lace-top to back-seam and even patterned fashion styles on the market. Shop around to see what best suits you.

If you’re not sure whether to invest in hold ups or stockings, then it’s worth assessing the situation in which you want to wear them. If you want a retro/vintage look and to channel the burlesque styles of past glamorous women, then stockings and a suspender belt would achieve this look perfectly and would also make you feel amazing! There’s something that makes you feel sexy when putting on a pair of stockings, this will boost your confidence and is a sure way to seduce your partner! Hold ups are also fantastic and are a great alternative to tights if you don’t like this style of hosiery; it’s all about personal taste but hold ups are more suited to the day time and are available in every style from sheer to opaque with a variety of colours. These can make you look sophisticated and elegant when worn properly and would fit in to a casual or work wardrobe brilliantly. Why not try out both styles of hosiery to see what feels best for you and fits in with your lifestyle the best.